Today is Stevens uncle uncle Robbie’s birthday do you host any one Sammy. So he’s about to come over we’re gonna have a barbecue which in South Africa they call it a bride and. Because we’ve got like South Africans. But we’re in England they call it a bribe akyuu. So I thought of a bribe here, and then we’re gonna go out, and go on a little road trip, and maybe see some spots that some of Harry Potter was posted, and this is pretty classic England that we haven’t seen that they want to show us of course we do want to know how to relate this is we think it would be Ruby Harry Potter related yeah that’s what we have got planned to date.


So yes his uncle Robbie’s birthday. So happy birthday how are you doing today it’s nice turning 16, and how auntie died today, and how are you Lee Title II forgot to say I was editing the post, and we aren’t staying at Auntie dies we staying at least who’s kind enough to put us up how’s that I just clarify that there’s a little something from us it’s not much. But just something before you birthday. So we’re going on a bit of of an adventure around England we’ve got like three hotspots that are gonna take us – I see you brought our drink does it taste any good. So we’ve got some Mars bar drink it smells really nice haven’t you tried no the caramel that’s really good sweet it doesn’t taste like a mars bar. But it tastes like really goodness oh my god that’s amazing that’s so good ask you to one wasn’t that great I didn’t post it. But it was disgusting it was it’s a good angle we’ve come to a place called Tewkesbury, and we’re just walking down one of those high streets which we explained to you yesterday which is one of those kind of shopping centers in a street, and handily here in England is very big to have these charity stores or you might call them thrift shops or whatever you want to call them, and they just sell like cheap jumpers, and all that I already came, and got one for four pounds yeah keep a nice, and warm, and we’ve decided.

Because we’ve been in America, and Canada for nine months was, I’m so sorry to say you guys cannot do hot chips to say. So we’ve got yeah, and we’re gonna get ourselves some classic British British chips, and we’re just gonna maybe grab a bite to eat, and then just walk down, and explore the beautiful street. Because they’ve got one of those tutor buildings at 16th century 17th century buildings yeah. But we found our fish, and chips tour hopefully it’s a good one then grab enough chips to feed the whole village we’re just gonna jump into the car, and find it eat, and go. Because we’re a little bit tight on time. So we’re gonna go to check out a cathedral we’ve now come to Gloucester Cathedral, and some scenes from Harry Potter have been posted here it’s a very very pretty building yes it’s huge, and we have the drawings we might have a go. So don’t think anything like overly specific like weather was the Quidditch pitch or whether was outside of the buildings I think they really just use this castle to get some of the hallway shot.

So I don’t know I feel like, I’m walking in Hogwarts at the moment like just when I was posting Jes as I oh I feel like, I’m posting okay guys now we’re gonna have a go easing the drone at a cool location. Because we saw yesterday we had a go at just an open field there wasn’t that much amazing around this time we’re at the Cathedral, and we’re going to test it out, and you can see the Cathedral is behind us, and we are setting up the director walking back to the car we noticed there was this like really old looking wall, and it’s actually one of the walls at the Gloucester City Council, and we’ve officially found the oldest building or at least part of it this is 900 AD this was built to currently have the record for the oldest part of a building. So far in Europe ah. So we just got back I was really nice seeing that Cathedral, and also going down that PI Street, and here the teapot is going I think we’re gonna drink a lot of tea when we go in England oh yeah we’re just gonna get the briber cue gone, I’m gonna have some dinner we leave it in the packets that just lights up do you know what this thing is called it’s alright our post as we get everything wrong. But that’s looking good, and the fire is looking good now would you say like the difference between a barbecue nut Bry is the charcoal method of cooking the meat I think it’s also what you puts on the barbecue like the meats down people will just have burgers with pork sausages however, and South Africans will go for the chicken, and the steak, and groups, and potatoes in their jacket. So they make it far more of a meal than just burgers, and sausages. So we’re trying to explain to you the difference.

Because the South Africans have a bride or bright yes a little bit of South African left then of course the barbecue, and if you guys call a barbecue or bride different in your country leave a comment below. So we can save correctly. Because we love having barbecue look at all this cheeky patty cheese sauce is cheap tater to young in my cheek. So cheeky coastal, and I’ve got the spicy cheese cheddar cheese which he didn’t try look at the beautiful cake that Lee has handmade what type of cake did you call oh it looks. So delicious, and the cream is coming out the side. So nice you know celebrate my uncle’s birthday, and I’ve said to. So many times.

But yes it’s just amazing beating family, and just being able to chat, and just bring up old memories, and just oh yeah it’s all good there’s a nice having birthday cake you got serve the cake after like dinner, and then we had tea, and matcha tea. But tomorrow guess what we’re finally going to London. So catching like the the Train early in the morning we’re going to leave about 8 a.m. get to London about 10:30 we’re gonna go dump our bags at our hotel, and then we are just gonna go see all of the sights. So we’re gonna show you we’ve been travelling, and London Eye Bridge all over London that’s gonna happen tomorrow. So very excited yeah we’re gonna get some bed it is now midnight, and we have to be up early in the morning.

So thanks for reading guys you know guys.

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