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Hello my name is ava Hitty. I’m years old leg blade is my hometown and I’m a program director on dobro Nick, and beyond besides Slovenian language which is my mother language. I speak English German Italian, and Croatian.

I’m a ski instructor. So during the winter season. I used to give lessons mostly to to the children otherwise.

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I’m very creative. I create jewelry. I can meet.

I can do crochet. So these kind of things my goal is that only the happy gasp will return back. So that’s why.

I say to all of them enjoy life be as you are slovenia is still. I think. So a hidden gem there is a huge surprise when they come to lake bled especially in a day like this the magic is. How our language, and tolerant culture survived a leap but over the owner we were not allowed to speak Slovenian language for the first time when we were able to speak Slovenian language was just a short period at the beginning of the th century when Apollo moon apart establish the illyrian provinces blit was always top of the top even in the period of the austro-hungarian Empire some crowned heads were visiting leg blade.

I highly recommend a boat ride to the island we’re used to be according to the legend a kind of the temple of the pagan goddess turtle mere, and bogo Mila, and also maybe a visit of a castle, and definitely walk around the lake, it’s a pleasant walk maybe you can even stop at the President Tito’s ex residence for a cup of coffee, and the cream cake if you love to work if you love being with people you cannot compare with nothing else in the world. I love this job here’s to go, and welcome to Slovenia, and Croatia you.

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