It’s Monday yeah it’s pretty pretty intense. So it’s Monday morning it’s just about seven o’clock it is the 22nd of August we are in the middle of a I guess you could call this a force in bone air, and that we are about to go down into this cave how you feel like you could think the do early in the morning yeah you want to explain a little bit you know flow Bonaire, and all that sure sure of course you get you meet seven o’clock in the main course we’re all trying to wake up still what we do is a lot of different tours like this one we do with you caving trips we do mountain biking we do diving free diving a whole bunch of stuff. But maybe we should take about an hour going through this cave and, I’ll wake up on our face yeah definitely as soon as we go in here as soon as we pass this vertical shaft as you will the cave starts that opens up thumpin up, and we’ll find a cave that is one of our larger systems yeah search for are there any like really small ones that we’re going on today no okay let’s, I’ll let you want to, I’m excited I’ve never been in a cave like this you’re all old Cola formations it’s not the coal formation itself. But it’s a- it’s the imprint look for it’s very hot down here it’s very dark. But it’s so beautiful I’ve never seen anything like this or a cave like this it’s very hard and.


So hot my Mary back to the surface we made it out I’ve never seen anything like that all the formations. Because apparently bone air is a seamount basically just rose up out of the ocean, and this is all coral. So this was all at one point underwater I gotcha would you think of that so much beauty I was so anxious about it but. So now we’re going to the water caves through water here’s just another five minutes north of Explorer 7 it’s all Thorne’s the girl Paris. So before we go further down what, I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna hook up the ladder well of the rope we just made it down into the second cave normally you go into a cave, and as you get lower it gets cooler these caves they’re closed off for the most part. So there’s no air circulation, and there’s nothing really on the island to cool down.

So you get down these caves it is hot we started up here that’s the entrance of the cave we climbed down here we walk over this way there’s a little Lagoon over in that corner, and then we were going right down here into this opening into the water we’re going to swim under that rock, and into another cavern all right here’s Eric coming back up out of the cave okay Bob grab what did you think of that that was amazing I pushed the limits. But I did not know that I could curse. So at one point I guess I can explain we had to swim underwater to then pop up in another cavern, and Jessica did it I did it I did not think I was gonna do it oh you want to do your your proper introduction now that we’re awakened where I think I think this will be a good time son Leo from flow ever company here where we do something that we like to call outdoor adventures with that we do a lot of caving we do hiking mountain biking diving free diving lots, and lots of cool stuff pretty much all the cool stuff you can do here on their party someone has done it he an unexpected yet you get to a place like this you don’t expect to be snorkeling when Eric told me that yeah you didn’t even know Arlie oh that’s right thank you so much, I’ll see you this afternoon okay have a great time scuba diving at first that was one of the coolest things you’ve ever done about going, and doing one of those things, I’m putting shirts back on is what I look like I peed myself a nap let me see a little bit it’s drying up. But we’re back at the buddy dive, and we’re gonna jump back in the water this time in the ocean, and we’re gonna go do some scuba this is our first open water dive, and we’re still learning a lot of stuff. So, I’m probably not going to post a lot of this just. Because I want to be focusing on what we’re doing rather than trying to post fish, and Jessica drowning, and kidding Jess. But you ready to go suit it up we have our tanks all good, and it’s actually not that hard once you do it a few times it’s kind of just like it becomes habit BCD inflator your pressure gauge your main regulator emergency for Jessica.

Because she grabbed the small tank jump in the water we did some practicing, and then we did our first real dive, and it’s interesting. Because if you see behind me you see the light light blue color, and then in the middle of the blog gets really dark it drops off for maybe 10 feet to at least 70 80 foot in the course of you know 25 meters now I know why people die before being a swimmer, and a surfer I never really understood diving. But diving diving is addicting you get down there you want to go deeper, and you wanna go further, and you want to stay longer, and just even seeing that was the first time we have ever seen a coral reef, and just all the different animals, and fish, and vegetation down there something else Jessica did. So well, and that’s the thing on this trip. Because you guys reading if you’ve been reading these posts for a while you know Jessica’s not the best when it comes to water especially it’s under water, and Jessica killed the scuba, and even today during the caves even if you’re reading this Jess cuz she ran up to the bathroom I feel like you’re overcoming your fear of the water we were talking to Leo earlier today when we were in the cave this morning, and when you first scuba dive you’ve realized there’s a whole nother world under the water as opposed to just the world that you see above the water like down there I’d rather stay down there them up here sometimes to be honest. But yeah we have some time now we have about like a two-hour break, and then we’re gonna go out for one more dive today another deeper dive I was just saying how, I’m proud of you yeah I was kind of worried. Because I saw you were lagging behind, and then I noticed when I got closer to see how red your eyes were, and I had thought the woman kicked your goggles off yeah that’s what I thought Oh delicious has it eaten that’s moose – it’s a little more a little more though after a nice long dive we are treating ourselves.

So nice cappuccino, and some salads salad oh look at that soup all right here please thank you delicious I hope. So hey guys thank you seafood salad, and Jessica got the would you get Jess I got a great cheese salad, and thank you good luck guys here we go oh yes what same one I did oh no you’re wrong only free only three yeah good job. So we just had to take a quick practice test like a refresher course from the online course I got three wrong Jessica here got every single question right what do you mean of course you did you did study a lot I mean I just slow, and steady wins the race I finished before you I mean the online course though it feel how’s your date man oh it’s good it’s a good lots of diving that was amazing yeah we went down the first time to maybe 440 feet, and vibrator yes this is your best how do we end up here we finished our last dive we were walking, and we’re gonna have some dinner at this place next door called rumrunners it was a little too early, and earlier today Leo took us to this villa. Because he also works in real estate a little bit, and he said the villa was empty, and he asked if we would want to come watch the sunset here have a little drink, and what did we say we were like hell yeah oh yeah. So that’s where we are now. So it’s open up you just walk out, and there’s this patio right by the ocean this is a better view of the villa to actually see how massive this place is look at that, and then over there there’s a little pool, and then there’s some stairs that go down to the water well we are here we’re gonna shoot a little fashion post for Jessica’s blog I can still show DPI’s a touch on one more every time when you leave, I’m paying you not to go call you name two three times it’s a photo booth hopefully soon yeah I think they come back in the next six months Thank You boss let me know if let me know if you miss it now no well yeah if you ever come to New York it’s on the list right it’s um well I can’t imagine that it’s very far from this compared to phone yeah what am i it’s all it’s all great you know every place has its drunk I read personally living in New York I’d rather come to this place they’re places like this that’s it this is for me this is home I cave city’s a great different culture I crave the mountain to crave snow I can’t wait to go snow work two years decide get over the furrow would give my face in front of a camera. But you agree on the camera your practice thank you again leo, I’m great now good night ladies first thank you captain Don.

So apparently he used to have this every Monday like a barbecue, and this guy right here Don Stewart basically founded diving on bone air, and protection, and protection of the reef yeah well thank you can you out that if you just try the great I know good jail look at this another dinner by blue water is huge fish. So we just left the villa, and we hung out for a little bit we were talking with Leo, and the two woman who run the villa, and now we’re at this place by rumrunners right on the water now it’s looking myself in the viewfinder, and my hair has gotten so much lighter in the past two days since I’ve been down here, and said that it’s your Dutch myths coming out you’re turning into a real fetch me a real Dutch man I realize light hair fake one if you guys think Leo should start a blog thumbs up this post comment down below cuz I didn’t post any of our conversation in the villa after we posted Jessica’s fashion post Leo myself Jess, and then the two woman who were running the company sat down we talked for a good like well you say hour, and a half yeah at least at least, and Leo our cave instructor, and our free diving instructor he travels a ton he was showing us a picture he was in Guatemala he climbed up a volcano, and posted well him I don’t think he posted it post he had the photo yeah well he had a photo of an erupting volcano, and he travels so much, and he does triathlons, and all that he’s saying that he’s always wanted to start a blog. But he said he was afraid to do it, and I think a lot of people they were afraid you know it’s not that scary what was that no it’s not it’s not that scare at all you look like the emoji right now the red dress emoji yep there it is screenshot again, and again, and spin, and spin, and spin into the water do you like it’s a bird I thought it was a bird here get real close to it there’s a bird trapped under the dock go save him could you imagine we were sitting right there by that floodlight the big old fishes were down there swimming, and he looked down this way in the dark, and that is actually our hotel room right there at the buddy dive resort oh. So they have these like 6 inch 6 inch six-foot fish here, and there’s like five or six of them, and then you come here you get your guide step on off in the water, and then you can go to with the giant fish here they eat you their PB fish on steroids magalie that in Zef I could just see you tonight, and the date number three, and Bonaire we are this much closer to getting our scuba certification great tomorrow’s the big day tomorrow, and one more day yeah man that’s it, and that’s it we’re going back to the hotel good.

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