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Burma has only recently opened its gates to outsiders we’re seeing what.

I considered the real Burma and I feel very blessed that we were able to come here at a time when tourism was in its infancy, it’s taking you into another world another culture something totally different to these wonderful places where we can see, and experience things that never in my lifetime would. I ever imagined. I could ever see, and do on a journey to explore the banks of the Irrawaddy River what treasures await you from the th to the th centuries bygone was the capital of the kingdom at the height of this kingdoms power, and glory over ten thousand Buddhist temples pagodas, and monasteries were constructed in the bog on plains alone we’re looking at all the temples out there as far as we can see as many as odd you can count on anymore although the pictures don’t quite do it justice you really have to see it to believe it you know when.

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I learn here for God. I’m really relaxed, and then you know, it’s nice to be here, and also people are re on a peaceful, and also they are very friendly Gigi just has shared her country with us which with such love that you can’t help fall in love with the country, and the people she interacts with them in with us in such a way that we just couldn’t wish for anybody nicer when you go in, and then when you look both side left, and right. So through that thick wall there’s a steps to the top.

So you can crawl up like that. So that. So she’s a dynamo and I love her outfits they’re gorgeous is it.

So we have really learned to love Burma through her you know my trips to our travelers let them go with the local people talk with the local really touch with the local taster what the local eats. So visiting the houses in the villages like that kind of experience you know that’s uh they can bring back home a lean, and touching halwa he put the yeast in there that’s why you get up Oh smell of that here beer pong here we call sky beer. Because froma burmese sky beer is made by collecting sap from a flower cut high up in the palm tree the white liquid retrieved from these Heights is very sweet yeast is then added, and the flower SAP ferments to become beer you find that the tree to get the palm juice, and it goes up, and down a couple times a day, and it was pretty amazing to watch him go up, and go down we’re visiting a very local village with pretty primitive but the people are happy, and the kids have a school, it’s just.

So much fun to see their way of life, and and their animals, and their homes that’s the way papow Caen is a custom-fit passenger vessel designed, and constructed in to navigate the waters of the Irrawaddy River the ship is beautiful it is absolutely beautiful the cabins are well-appointed the dining rooms delightful, and the crew oh my goodness they’re just charming. I have never ever seen the care, and attention that we have seen on this show in fact you come ashore with people also to help us you have been exceptional – we are most grateful but what is. So nice about being on the ship is that we can experience the life on the river you know you consider in your cabin or you can sit up on the deck, and you see the world goodbye on the river.

I sit on that balcony the whole time reading just watching what’s going on ashore, and you know. I feel like we’re we’re watching something has been going on for literally thousands of years. I mean the whole life of this nation revolves around the high water Hoover, and we’re seeing it.

So you know you just feel like you’re moving the civilization on this river. I know your English better than our Burmese bad most you guys speak. So fast oh.

I don’t know that, it’s delicious o our home hosted Mia was just lovely there was one young lady she was she spoke a little English, and we all tried to carry on some conversation with them then this Yellin yeah yes yes it forces us to engage with local people in a home setting in a way that they they get to appreciate us a little more we certainly get to appreciate them a lot more with chemistry that’s it yes Mart women’s yeah it was really special they managed to ask us as many questions as we wanted to ask of them communicating, and that is what’s important to me, it’s always an eye-opener you go into a house people are. So gracious they make you feel like you’re a princess actually an honored guest, and they have. So little, and we have.

So much but it seems as if they give. So much more. This is beautiful.

I mean were you know as the young lady brought out her the family photo album and I said to my husband who would ever thought in a million years we would be sitting in these lovely people’s home in Burma looking through their family photo album, and which was really quite lovely, it’s the people getting into their homes seeing. How they love the opportunities are there the world is opening up and I think it’s. I think we’re all interconnected that’s what makes us closer, and closer together a mahamuni buddha temple is one of mandalas Buddhist pilgrimage sites this foot tall Buddha is. So venerated, it’s been covered with six inches of gold leaf applied over the years by Buddhist devotees the chuan, and DA monastery was built by King Minden in the th century, and is known for its teak carvings of Buddhist myths which adorn its walls, and roots.

I guess the amazing thing is the craftsmanship that goes into the whether, it’s you know gold filigree or teak carving we heard that Burma was the land of, temples well. I we certainly believe that now now hold, it’s different the people to see hey, it’s exotic. You’ll see a lot of things.

You’ll never see anywhere else. I just don’t wanted to be over Burma from began to Mandalay meet the people, and their pace of life on the Irrawaddy River while exploring this one’s hidden land of pagodas you.

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