Map Of Kansas City

Before you know it, you start to truly appreciate the beauty all around. (east of Cuba Kansas on Kansas Highway 36E, 15:31PDT, SX700 1/1000 f3.5 ISO 100 looking north through driver’s side window)

Those razor straight strips of road take on a new look – and are much less monotonous than you might think at first, ignorant glance. (east of Cuba, KS headed east on Kansas Highway 36, 15:31PDT, SX700 1/1000 f3.5 ISO 100 as seen through front windscreen of car)

For those not inclined to accept the beauty that is the rolling fertile plains of Kansas, at least pause to speculate on the ever-changing bug collection on your windshield which slowly resembles an art form all to itself, (west of Washington (dang! Wrong turn – we’re home again in Washington! Oh, Washington, KS “Never mind.”) 15:39PDT, SX700 1/1000 f4.5 ISO 125 looking east by northeast on the front windshield from the inside looking out)

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