Getting to Kyrgyzstan

Hey I am here with my friend Hana the mystery is revealed I am in Bishkek curved Kyrgyzstan furgus wanna corrected me the other day it is not pronounced Kyrgyzstan it is pronounced Kyrgyzstan, I’m trying to remember.

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So we’ve been here for a few hours now we are just kind of walking around we had a very failed trip to the market trying to find a camera battery. Because I cannot believe that, I’m left mine in the airport in Istanbul last name has nothing good yeah we couldn’t find anything. So now we’re just walking we might get some coffee or Dharma it’s fermented in the week yeah it’s um it’s really nice on a hot day mushroom cream Ferguson is again we are on a March right now Hana what is that at the mushroom gust seems like a pre-formatted. But we form a public relation here here exam food for the Auslan is going to get anywhere in the city which is like five seconds from December – yeah. So we’re headed to the ocean is our rate right getting some apricots – candy market the successful time it’s the market I got everything I needed, and more tasted some Kyrgyz food now hana is gonna teach me some useful Kyrgyz words okay. So if you want to be like oh no that’s cool everything’s fine yeah there’s our joke that’s our joke he’s like no problem since our joke no problem, and then you want to say it’s like really awesome in wrestling this isn’t them you know it you mean like that’s flying flying yeah. So it means literally erection.

But the kids, I’ll use it it has like whoo awesome cool that’s the word for awesome no okay you learned some words there thanks ona anytime we are leaving fish kick now you’re going to a more remote area of Kyrgyzstan no Hana, and I have just been on the bus we are now in it’s a cool. So this village is called Bayete, and we’re gonna stay with my friend Nikhil the bus ride was very scenic went through mountains, and passed a lake come out past it it’s so big we were driving alongside it for a long time and, I’m gonna see more of it soon chickens have gotten into the kitchen wanna see they’re running away. So we are in choppa nada known as the Cancun of Central Asia, I’m told we just hitchhiked here gonna go get some groceries now. So there is no bathroom in the house right now we are walking to the outhouse litigate this is Nichole by the way she’s letting me stay with her welcome to my side oh my gosh I just jerked on something.

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