Best Travel Destinations In The World

Best Travel Destinations In The World

One of Walt Disney’s famous quotes is quite applicable here: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”.

Yes! Stop talking or stop thinking about it! Make the decision now to start doing it! For some of you, it will be a tough one to make; for, you are too busy doing things that are not important at all; you have no or little time for the things that matter most – your health, family and travel, all after God and your spiritual well-being, of course. This category includes you who are rich, powerful or who are career professionals.

While researching and back checking for this my blog, I read on the internet about a Chinese businessman being so busy that he died prematurely leaving US$1.9 billion to his wife who married his chauffeur who remarked that, all along, he thought that he, as the chauffeur, was working for his deceased boss who was, in effect, all long working for him!

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Career professionals and the rich and famous are often just killing themselves working for position, power, riches and fame. While they might, on occasion or ofen, fly on privately owned or chartered luxury jets to another city, that is not travel, just high pressure business as usual.

If you are in this category, how much money do you feel you need to make to be happy or to live comfortably? What about spending quality time with your spouse and children, if any; or, with parents and siblings; or, taking time out for a real vacation that offers you vital rest and relaxation?

Yes, since money should not be a problem or hindrance, what about taking time out to go and visit a Top 20 attraction in the world; or, a Top 20 attraction in your own country! It’s taking the time out that is the hindrance?

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