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Program directors, and local guides provide great insight to culture customs, and regional history highlight like a terracotta warriors they’re actually this many of them knowledgeable best to a guide. I think he has been most efficient most kind most helpful he’s very knowledgeable. I think most Grand Circle travelers, and then they like to do have a different experience if you wanna know the culture better, and know the people better he’s gonna do what they’re doing we still have another, award Santa choruses we buried, and a grant we haven’t yet restore it.

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Because originally each of the soldiers, and horses was all kind of impending the Terracotta Army dating from the rd century BC these sculptures depict the armies of Chi Yong Chi Wang who unified the six independent kingdoms to create modern China. I’m not just a king he proclaimed but an emperor the first in China. I’ve seen lots of pictures but it’s.

So much bigger, and the smell smells like, it’s underground when the Emperor died he was buried in the most opulent tomb complex ever created a vast underground city containing everything needed in the afterlife instead of burying his actual Army’s concubines, and servants with him his followers came up with an alternative clay reproductions you read about things like this but to see it in person is just an awesome experience each of the estimated, pieces are completely unique with individual clothing hair, and facial features the majority of which are still buried in the pits near the Emperor’s mussalam crap to do them you know years ago okay. So next we’re going to then have a whole pause lanch in loco clamor in low departed family in older neighborhoods rural mud, and straw houses can still be seen but in most Chinese cities today modern apartment complexes of contemporary design, and amenities are the norm the structure, and reputation of family is still highly valued a hands-on cooking demonstration, and meal with a Chinese family quickly breaks down barriers it creates an appreciation of cuisine, and ways to eat. I love the chopsticks.

I’ve gotten very handy with them use the bottle in there just hold it. I’ve given three different ways to do with it one is to keep bottom one to stay but would be the middle finger, and just have the top thing used somebody else said hold it very close to the end, and that makes it easier, and then the third way is just to hold the bowl up, and go close, and use it as a spear teachers are highly respected the students most popular amongst their peers are those at the academic top of the class yes Oda. I like English, and the music.

I want to be an English teacher work out our school. I used to teach younger children but being in a school with the children in China was a real treat tonight do you like China no major we want to take them home yes with us in both cities, and rural areas education has become a top priority the result of the Confucian reverence for learning students embrace any opportunity to practice English with native speakers oh, it’s wonderful to be there the kids are excited, and exciting, it’s wonderful to see them in wherever you go, and he goes to a school, it’s a terrific experience what’s the deal on three you.

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