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Guys recently I was asked by a local if I wanted to come along on a private boat to a private island with shipwrecks with puppies with mermaids it’s a yes for me just taken a one-hour boat ride to the shipwreck, and it’s right here right behind me the water is so clear there is absolutely nobody here just us, and the shipwreck, I’m relying on you happy son. So that if, I’m not for nothing you can be the one to come, and help me out the other one I corresponded to the girl when my heart is sad you assured it’s a heart I are the belly your look good, and Nicole times.

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So keep me one before the freeze of the night grows body to moody crazily like loves no you know I got needs, and you solve the winner, and when, I’m cotterpin deep problems you of all people care someone not feed if, I’m running thin, and fallen. So high Oh. So on waiting for you to say something I didn’t know what you wanted me to say. So Scott awkward we find ourselves in paradise this island where I am now is called a pass island it is extremely small, and extremely beautiful something cool is that the regular tours don’t come here. So you have to get a private boat in order to come to this island. So it’s not as busy as other islands might be nothing no more to tell you for a minute now if the certain joy is put to nervous the drums can you be there like a first responder. Because I think my knees you know my brain is fried enjoy please, and love the stars to follow the week start tomorrow throughout tonight what’s really gonna be are we five two committed to develop our finger nothing coming between evolving if you were to come, and tell me one thing if I burn through my luck don’t believe my soul do you okay guys we are leaving paradise behind.

So say goodbye we have gone to a second shipwreck, and the water is even clearer here artists any you wish it’s a hard time are the belly your look good, and Nicole times. So keep me by before the freeze of the night grows body the more the crazily like loves know you know I got needs, and you solve , and when I’ve got a buddy problems you of all people care someone I need is there, and fall under you the second shipwreck was so incredible I think it was a bigger ship originally. But it was cut in half it was amazing it was a little bit closer to the surface. So you could almost swim inside it it was just amazing and. So many fish it was just an incredible experience I loved exploring ruins, and stuff like that, and exploring the ruins of a shipwreck is just amazing. So the reason that there is so many shipwrecks in this area is. Because the Japanese had colonized the Philippines during World War two, and they had a ton of ships in the area there are dozens, and dozens of shipwrecks here of Japanese warships. So guys this is MJ, and she, and this is who we’ve been on the boat with today, and they are so inspiring they quit their jobs, and now she you’re a mermaid instructor right yes, and you’re a free dive instructor when you love the night that’s a crab to me when you’re gonna be like, I’m gonna need you right back if you want in the middle we all know that, I’ll be the winner on I am sure that tomorrow we will be going to some more gorgeous places I sure hope. So look out for that.

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