Best Vacations In Central America

Yellow Stone National Park

Finally! 10:15just in time for the traffic jam at the park entrance. Not just a short pay-and-go, but full, blown, let the family walk all the way to the front of the line to use the restroom and have time to come back to the car before I can get anywhere near the park entrance gate and window to pay our entrance fees.

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Not to emphasize the speed with which they collect money (although I’m heartened to do the math and realize how many thousands of dollars are parked around me waiting to be handed over), but there was time to walk away from the vehicle (left in line, of course) to snap a picture of the young’un having returned from his latest pit stop (instead of him coming out of the pit) – note for the record, that’s the pay booth at the left of the frame – this picture was taken at 10:18 in the morning with the temperature hovering at 55°F (unless it’s just the traffic creating that infamous ‘hotter in traffic’ effect).

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