Urban art Victor Ash Painting in La Herradura

Welcome to the amazing Herradura bay, part of the Costa Tropical Granada in the region of Andalusia. Known for its crystal clear waters, it’s considered one of the most beautiful coast lines on the Mediterranean.

Urban art Victor Ash Painting in La Herradura Photo Gallery

It has a protected national park and rich history. Today we have extraordinary attraction in the area. Let’s take a look. I think it’s important to have art outside, in the streets, to make life more interesting. Not just boring buildings with no exceptional things on it. It’s important that art also goes to the public, not that the public goes to museums to see art.

And it affects the community in the sense that it brings something to talk about, to comment about. That’s the role of the artist. The role of the artist is to come outside and show things to people. In my case, as a street artist, I go outside; many other artists they do other things, they do it in other ways but it’s very important that artists actually are just pointing their finger at things and say “OK, there is something there.” Then people they can create deeper things around it. But the role of the artist is to it’s like a child, you know, pointing their finger at something that’s strange. I was snorkeling in Thailand in March this year, and there I saw a big turtle like that. That’s why I made it. We invite you to visit the gorgeous Herradura bay on the Costa Tropical Granada a region full of natural beauty, culture, history and now also the wonderful work of the celebrated artist Victor Ash.

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