Petra Jansen Tour Guide To Holland Belgium

Hello my name is faith.

I answer. I’m from the netherlands from a small town called Dyson. I work as a program director for Grand Circle cruise line and I do the trip holland, and belgium in springtime.

I grew up with my parents. I have one brother, and it’s a small town. So everybody greeted each other growing up in the Netherlands is a yeah, it’s a great country you have all the opportunities in the world to study to do the things that you want to do.

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I also love. How we do things in an end moans just go out walking cycling like pretty active so I had a very happy childhood what. I really love is to show traveler is my country, and the beautiful thing about this trip is that.

You’ll see in small villages really cute towns but also of course want to leave the most important city of our country Amsterdam where there’s a lot of history, and on the street corners you can see beautiful houses, and everything has a story. So there are. So many great things to see on this trip, and very very different any dutch person will ask you have you tried the licorice have you tried this.

So maybe one of the best things to try is actually an herring which is fish that we kind of grabbed by the tail hold above your head, and then with onions is kind of like a raw fish with onions that you eat if. I look at one of my favorite places. I must say the Schulich farm is really the I don’t know the best thing of this trip what you will see when you go there is a family, and they run this julep farm, and they have a great story to tell you, and it’s really they are inviting you into their home showing you. How they do it, and How their business works, and that is just one of the best places of the trip for me personally my favorite. I love my country and I would love to show you around. So hopefully.

I can welcome you soon to the Netherlands on holland, and belgium in springtime you.

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