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With this system, Turfan grows everything necessary for life in Best states to visit in the China abundance. Ahmet’s donkey had at her side her latest youngster, who was also getting some Best states to visit in the China training. There’s no need for man to break-in a donkey, it learns from infancy to run beside its mother, and to do what she does on the appropriate command. The commands become instinctive when learnt that early. Perhaps our troubles with disobedient donkeys in England are because we don’t catch them young enough. The penalties for disobedience can be heavy and I’d noticed some cruelty from taxi-boys angrily hitting their donkeys’ raw backbones with rocks.

Another interesting and perhaps revealing audio was captured in the house. I asked what happened the night of the murders. The soft replay is believed to say, “They came at night,” or, “Two men at night.” You can listen to this EVP and many others in our Secret Room and decide for yourself.

During Bev’s private EVP session on the first floor of the home, one of the questions asked was, “Are you waiting for the murderer to return?” A second of silence, then the word, “Mercy!” Was it the last plea from Eunice, before the final shot ending her life?

The next question was directed to Eunice, “Did you throw your arms up to try and protect yourself.” A very soft response followed, “Help.”

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