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Wata mala El Salvador Honduras, and Belize all legacies of the ancient Mayan civilization. I’ve learned a lot about the Mayas that. I didn’t know before you know.

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I’ve read a lot about them there’s no substitute for being here, and meeting the people, and talking with them from ruins to rituals to rural villages. How has the Mayan culture evolved into the world of today in AD the Maya began constructing elaborate cities that flourished until AD or. So an era now known as the classic period of Mayan civilization the ruins of copán are the most elaborate of all Mayan cities earning it the title Athens of the Mayan.

World tikal a magnificent hundred year old complex was home to an estimated, Mayans, and was one of the most influential urban centres of its time the decal site contains about, structures the tallest of which rise above the leafy canopy among other important sites are yaja, and Lamanai accessible only by boat which is nestled amidst thick jungle vegetation filled with exotic birds, and howler monkeys founded in Antigua.

Served as the seat of Spain’s colonial government until the Spanish crown ordered its relocation in she is untiring unrelenting she’s going to make us see things even if we don’t want to, and she has an incredible wealth of information you have heard a legend in what they might about this famous worry don’t worry dolls are traditionally used by children who cannot sleep they are told to tell their worries to the doll, and place it under their pillow before sleep where the doll will carry off all their worries during the night the Mayans creators of a complex writing system a calendar with detail equivalent to our own predictors of eclipses, and builders of the tallest structures in the Western Hemisphere all over, years ago today let their ancient world extend its impact to you.

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