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100 Reynolda Village, 336/758-5584, HOURS: Individual store hours vary

This shopping district is made up of buildings that were once part of the estate belonging to tobacco magnate R. J. Reynolds. There are a total of 20 shops on-site that are housed in buildings that once served as servant quarters, a cattle shed, horse barns, and a smokehouse. Check out Belle Maison and All Through the House for home decor items and Gazebo and Monkee’s for clothing and accessories. The Deacon Shop is run by Wake Forest University as part of a community outreach effort and stocks college apparel and the college’s private-label Demon Deacon wines.


803 S. Main St. 336/748-9299,

There is just one option for lodging in the historic districtand this is it. The home was built in 1844 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It was named for former resident Augustus T.

Zevely, a doctor whose office was located on the main floor of the house. The furniture and accessories in the inn reflect its Moravian heritage. Each of the 12 rooms ($95-240 s or d) and common areas are decorated with reproductions of pieces that were often found in the homes in Old Salem The electric beeswax candles in the guestrooms are a nice touch. A mural in the parlor reflects life in Old Salem in 1844; several of the buildings depicted in the mural still exist and are part of the historic district.

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On a summer evening we can imagine ancient peasants climbing from Vancouver Map Tourist Attractions the fields below to find comfort and hope of salvation in their place of holiness’. The church Vancouver Map Tourist Attractions is to be found to the right of the road, reachable from the village centre by a public footpath which is signed (the path itself, not the church). Very shortly beyond that footpath, still in the village centre, take a signed path leading off to the left, south-eastwards. The start of it is marked by a rather unnecessary stile! The path continues somewhat unpromisingly, through a private-looking gravelly courtyard, and over two further stiles, but then enters a field.

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