Dunn-Gaherin’s Pub US Map & Phone & Address

344 Elliot St. Newton; (617) 527-6271 This out-of-the-way place is worth finding (but forget it if you don’t have a car). It’s in Newton Upper Falls, south of Route 9, near the antique shops and one of the area’s pricier dining rooms, the Mill Falls. Go to DG’s; it’s great food cheap, and much more fun.

Huge burgers start at just $2.50, with several toppings to choose from Great fries and rings, too. Sirloin steak tips ($6.50) are another good choice, and the chicken wings are speecy-spicy hot The menu goes well beyond pub fare, though. Mine’s companion chose a daily special of charbroiled swordfish tips ($6.50), which were delicious plenty of them, on a bed of rice pilaf. There are always several such specials to choose from, some of which are as far from pub food as can be like the veggie melt sandwich in pita bread ($3.95).

Run by a husband-and-wife team, the atmosphere at Dunn-Gaherin’s is easygoing, with an odd mix of Americana decor amidst the Irish pub setting. The bar room, at the front of the restaurant is nice and cozy; the perfect place to relax over a pint of Guinness or a black and tan, especially with the burning fireplace in wintertime. Open for lunch and dinner, every day but Sunday.

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