An Introduction to Italy

Venice is the small city and most beautiful city of the world. The population of the city is 18, 78000.During the 10th century this place was the residence of ancient Veneti people. That’s why the city is so called for. Venice is also known as the city of water because most of the part of the city is covered by water. Some people called Venice as the city of bridge where some are called it the city of cannels. The main transportation in the city is water buses. The city is formed with 117 Small Island which are connected with 407 bridges.

.It is one of the most expansive cities to live in Italy; you can check the museums, restaurants and find a little that interests you as you’re out exploring. Here the main transportation is on water or on foot. This is the unique city of Europe without trucks or motorcars. Gondola is a classical Venetian boat which is commonly used for tourist, wedding and other functional celebrations. I really enjoy Venice during my trip. There are lots of things to do. You can visit Rialto Market; it is a well known market here. You can feed the fishes in smaller canals. You can go to burano and murano, these are the places where people made lot of things with glass, even necklace, pendent etc. I really enjoy going through the glass factories and their show rooms in Murano.

There are so many beautiful and historic places to see in Venice, I can not be listing them all here. What you see depends very much on your interests. I could list a heap of churches and museums that I’d happily visit. The whole city of Venice is historical, old and attractive. Suggest you get a guide to the city and work out exactly what you would like to see. A guide to the Water taxi can be found on line. In the north of the Venice you can find mountains. Oldest church can be found every where in the city .Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, is a great church. There are various other structures are like Renetore on Guidecca and in S. Giorgio Maggiore on the next island.

There are lots of museum to see like Peggy Guggenheim, Pinacoteca Querini Stampalia, Accademia, Museum of Jurassic Technology etc. If your are looking for monuments in Venice visit Venice Charter, Venice Branch , World Monuments Fund , Barcelona Charter , Palazzo Malipiero etc. Don’t miss the Frari’s Basilica at Anima Bella, San Marco. For a wonderful stay book your hotel in advance. For city breaks to Venice, visit Here can get good information about hotel accommodation, packages, and flights deals to Venice and other wonderful destination of Italy.

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