Jacksonville Subway Map

The Cittie of New York is a pleasant, well compacted Jacksonville Subway Map place, situated on a Commodius River wch is a fine harbour for shipping. The Buildings Brick Jacksonville Subway Map Generaly, very stately and high, though not altogether like ours in Boston. The Bricks in some of the Houses are of divers Coullers and laid in Checkers, being glazed look very agreeable. The inside of them are neat to admiration, the wooden work, for only the walls are plasterd, and the Sumers and Gist are plained and kept very white scowr’d as so is all the partitions if made of Bords.

The fire places have no Jambs as ours have But the Backs run flush with the walls, and the Hearth is of Tyles and is as farr out into the Room at the Ends as before the fire, wch is Generally Five foot in the Low’r rooms, and the peice over where the mantle tree should be is made as ours with Joyners work, and as I supose is fasten’d to iron rodds inside. The House where the Vendue was, had Chimney Corners like ours, and they and the hearths were laid wth the finest file that I ever see, and the stair cases laid all with white tile which is ever clean, and so are the walls of the Kitchen wch had a Brick floor.

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