El Trompo Map & Address & Phone Toronto

277 Augusta Ave, Toronto, 416-260-0097

Www.eltrompo. Ca.

CUISINE: Mexican.

DRINKS: Full Bar.

SERVING: Dinner; closed Mon.


NEIGHBORHOOD: Kensington Market.

This is basically a taco bar with a menu of authentic Mexican fare. Favorites include: Spicy Tinga Chicken tacos (4 tacos per order). Tasty margaritas.

Opposite Solan Rock and on the east (seaward) side of the bay, a big reef almost touches the surface and curves away from Knoxes in a northerly direction for around 200 metres.

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There are a couple of long crevices at the base of the reef and some huge boulders on the western side, near to the start of the highest section. Lots of squat lobsters and a few crabs can be found. When the tide starts flooding, the current runs quickly towards and around Solan Rock and past The Kettle, but on the ebb tide at low water there is little movement at all. Northwest of Solan Rock, a boulder reef stretches out about 50 metres and, even though it is in the main flow of water, has very little life on it. To the west, the reef slopes down to a stone and sand bottom at 14 metres with a rather strong current. The west side of Solan Rock itself has a bit of a wall with a couple of slots in it, while the surrounding seabed is sand and stone and of very little interest. From this position it is possible to make a drift dive on the flood, past The Kettle and St. Cuthbert’s Cove, down to Wideopen Gut at the opposite end, but keep a watch for the trip boats. Behind Solan Rock and the extreme western end of Knoxes Reef, in The Kettle, this area is very sheltered from the main current, with long stringy whip-like stems of slimy weed and mosses growing from the shallow stony seabed.

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