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Memories are made of more than seeing the best areas of the destination; it should encompass the experience of unique activities it has to offer during your stay or vacation. If you are more of an adventurous traveler, then you’ll be happy to try some of the best things that your destination has in store for you.

If you find yourself in Marina, then Dhow cruise should be one of those things you try out. You can enjoy a fantastic dinner in the traditional wooden dhow easily available and enjoy international buffet, and entertainment that you enjoy the regular smooth floating the dhow. These cruises are offered in the spectacular areas and you will love the red carpet welcome that you get from service providers. Your cruise can be very romantic under the twinkling stars and well lit dhow.

The best thing about Dhow Cruise In Marina is that it offers you another chance to explore the beauty of the area you are visiting from elegant double decked dhow. The views you can catch from comfortable and elegant dhows are simply unforgettable as those skyscrapers creating this romantic backdrop and horizon that you will love. Dhow cruises are very popular and you need to be strategic in your planning to ensure that you get the best spots and do not miss the cruise.

Here’s how you can make your Dhow Cruise In Marina rewarding:


One of the worst things you can do is miss your cruise if you have already booked. Considering that you need to move to the location of the dhow which is probably on a river, stream or marina depending on where you are, make sure you get the right cruise schedules. Most companies that offer cruises arrange for you to be selected from your accommodation establishment in the dhow location so you do not miss out on your cruise.

Sitting choice

Dhows have foot settings that are designed to accommodate a good number of people to go. The table arrangements can however be different in such a way that you can have a table for two arranged on the upper deck for you and your partner to this romantic cruise uninterrupted. Consider the options of seats and the concern the kind of experience you want to enjoy during the cruise. Of course, a more intimate lounge has a price tag, but the rewards are worth it.


Most dhow cruises come with complementary drinks and food, but if you prefer something more specific, even that is possible. You can enjoy a private barbecue dinner with your family on the dhow for the most rewarding cruise

Fun activities

Outside looking for a great spot on the dhow and eating your favorite foods, you can get the best of your cruise by taking part in activities offered on board. It could be anything from dancing to karaoke and others.

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