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All foreigners were considered to be barbarians. China had wanted Anshan Subway Map nothing to do with them; there was no reason why such a mighty-country should Anshan Subway Map be interested in the vile and depraved deeds of foreigners. Her borders were closed. She remained remarkably isolated until the world powers forced her into trade concessions in the 1800s. The anti-foreign hatred with its spy-mania and harassment of Europeans was rife until only about seven years ago. Now China has an open-door business policy but it is a one-way door.

Laura asked if we wanted the lights turned off. For many paranormal teams, that is the only way they investigate. Kat and I believe there are benefits to that. We also believe there are benefits to investigating by recreating the conditions in which paranormal activity is experienced. Since apparitions were seen in the main auditorium with the lights partly on, that’s the condition we wanted for the auditorium. During the night regular EMF and temperature readings would be taken to establish base readings and help identify unusual spikes that might indicate activity during the evening.

Gathering in the auditorium, Kat took a position on stage bringing an EMF meter. I sat in the first row with a thermo gage. Laura and Art were in the back.

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