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Their recognition in the West began in the 5th c.; Pope Symmachus 498514 had an oratory built in their name near the basilica of S. Maria Maggiore COSMAS and DAMIAN, doctors, martyrs, thaumaturges Liber pontificalis I, Duchesne, 262, which then became a monastery; Felix IV 526530 obtained two buildings in the forums, the Templum Urbis and the Templum Romuli, and turned them into the basilica which survives today. The focal point of the two saints’ cult in Italy, its 6th-c. mosaic presents the two healers as they approach Christ, introduced by Peter and Paul who, as apostles and patrons of the Urbe, are larger than them. At the sides are St. Theodore and Felix IV, the pontiff, with a model of the church in his hand, portrayed alive in the glory of the saints. The inscription in distichs is dedicated to the two Eastern doctors, martyrs who have become like a spes salutis for the people. Praise for the pope is not lacking: the text opens by emphasizing the beauty of the hall, resplendent with bright metal, and in which shines a light of faith that is even more precious.

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Gender imbalance benefited early female colonists, who could afford to be selective in choosing husbands. Korea, South Map Tourist Attractions Because of high mortality rates, women frequently accrued sizable fortunes through successive husbands, gaining a degree of wealth, social eminence, and political power that would have been less accessible to them in Europe. Nonetheless, as wives and servants, women were legally subordinant to their husbands and masters and still at the mercy of double standards that governed their sexuality and judged their behavior. The hardships of life in the new settlements forced many women to participate in farming and other forms of physical labor that were largely men’s work in Europe, making their traditional household duties more difficult. Also, infant mortality rates were high throughout the colonial period most women suffered the deaths of children either personally or through losses among family and friends.

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