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2115 Southend Dr. Ste. 101, 704/749-8101,


HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 10 A.M.-8 P.M. Sat. 10 A.M.-7 P.M.

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The apprehended are then blinded, and ordered to touch the Zimbabwe Subway Map afflicted; and at that touch, tho’ not by the touch, as above the afflicted Zimbabwe Subway Map ordinarily do come out of their fitts. The afflicted persons then declare and affirm, that the apprehended have afflicted them; upon which the apprehended persons, tho’ of never so good repute, are forthwith committed to prison, on suspicion for witchcraft. One of the Salem Justices was pleased to tell Mr. Alden, when upon his examination that truly he had been acquainted with him these many years; and had always accounted him a good man; but indeed now he should be obliged to change his opinion. This, there are more than one or two did hear, and are ready to swear to, if not in so many words, yet as to its natural and plain meaning. He saw reason to change his opinion of Mr.

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