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Owner Hoy Buell, a horticulturist and graduate of Cal Poly Vietnam Metro Map San Luis Obispo, is a cofounder of Greenheart Farms, one of the nation’s largest wholesale nurseries Vietnam Metro Map . He had been propagating vines for other growers when, in 1999, he heeded the siren call to plant his own vineyard.

Buell sustainably farms twenty different grape varieties, selects about half of the crop for his estate wines, and sells the rest to local winemakers. Given the wide variety of grapes and their limited yields, winemaker Paul Ayers makes small lots of unique blends. Harvest is done clone by clone, and each two-ton batch of fruit is fermented separately. A twenty-eight-year veteran, Ayers honed his craft at a number of the region’s pioneer wineries, including Estrella River Winery and Castoro Cellars.

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