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Sometimes referred to as a ghost. The two words are often interchanged. It is simply thoughts and feelings of a person who has died. As with ghosts, spirits can be good and bad.


Very similar in meaning to paranormal but more directly related to the spiritual world. It refers to events, people and activities that cannot be explained using traditional concepts. Most notably a tern used for actions pertaining to spirits or ghosts.

Voice Phenomenon (VP)

Very similar to an Electronic Voice Phenomenon except it can be heard with the ear. To listen to a VP audio recorders are not needed. The voices of spirits or ghosts are speaking words at a decibel level high enough for the average person to hear.


A spinning or whirling that is often captured on film. It is usually translucent and resembles a small tornado. Many believe it acts as a portal for spirits to come and go. Something that can be captured on film.

White Noise

The background hiss or static that is heard on a video recorder. Many times the white noise has to be filtered out in order to hear an EVP.

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