Frankfurt Map Tourist Attractions

Frankfurt Map Tourist Attractions


Much of Frankfurt’s historic splendor lives on only in memories and in reconstructed monuments, since Allied bombing left everything but the cathedral completely destroyed. If you plan on visiting a lot of museums, pick up a Frankfurt Card, or visit on Wednesdays, when most museums are free.

ROMERBERG. Any voyage through Frankfurt should begin in this central area of the Altstadt, among the half-timbered homes and medieval-looking fountains that grace most postcards of the city. To celebrate the 13 coronations of German emperors that were held in the city, the statue of Justice in the center of the square once spouted wine. Unfortunately, she has since sobered up. Across from the Romerberg, the Paulskirche was the site of the 19th-century attempt at a liberal government over a united Germany; it still holds a memorial to the trials of German democracy. (Open daily 10am-5pm. Free.) At the west end of Romerberg, the gables of Romer have marked Frankfurt’s city hall

since 1405. The Kaisersaal, upstairs, is an imperial banquet hall adorned with portraits of the 52 German emperors from Charlemagne to Franz II. (Entrance from Limpurgergasse. Open daily lOam-lpm and 2-5pm. ‚2.) Lone survivor of the WWII bombings, the red sandstone Gothic Dom has several elaborate altarpieces. The electors of the Holy Roman Empire selected and coronated the emperors here. (Open Su and Sa llam-5pm, Tu-F 10am-5pm. ‚2, students ‚1.)

STADEL. One of the few museums to have equally important paintings from nearly every period in the Western tradition. If’Beckmann and Kandinsky paintings aren’t your thing, the collections of Old Masters and Impressionists are even more extensive. (Schaumainkai 63, between Diirerstr. and Holbeinstr. Open Su, Tu and F-Sa 10am-5pm, W-Th 10am-8pm. ‚6, students ‚5. Tu free.)

MUSEUM FUR MODERNE KUNST. The triangular museum (dubbed the slice of cake) displays an array of modem art by Roy Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns, and emerging talents. (Domstr. 10. Open Su, Tu and Th-Sa 10am-5pm; W 10am-8pm. ‚5, students ‚2.50. W free.)

GOETHEHAUS. In Frankfurt, the master was bom, found his first love (a girl named Gretchen, said to be the inspiration for Margarete in Faust), and penned some of his best-known works here, including The Sorrows of Young Werther. Unless you’re a huge Goethe fan, the house is little more than a typical upper-cmst, 18th-century home. (GroBer Hirschgraben 23, a few blocks northwest of the Romer. Open Apr.-Sept. M-F 9am-6pm, Sa-Su 10am-4pm; Oct.-Mar. M-F 9am-4pm, Sa-Su 10am-4pm. English tours must be arranged in advance. ‚5, students ‚2.50, family ‚8.)

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