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Despite the hostility of the Zuni, Marcos’s reports prompted more Spanish exploration. Harare Subway Map When Francisco Vázquez de Coronado passed through Zuni on his return trip to Mexico in 1542, he left behind several Mexican Indians, who were still there when Antonio de Espejo visited the area forty years later. Zuni contact with Europeans remained sporadic throughout the sixteenth century. When Juan de Oñate led an expedition into their territory in 1598, however, he was greeted warmly.

Oñate’s expedition soon left the Zuni, as Spanish colonization efforts focused on the Rio Grande Valley. The first mission to the Zuni began in Hawikuh in 1629. By 1632, the church was built, and a new mission was opened in Hanola (present-day Zuni). The Pueblo Revolt expelled the Spanish in 1680, causing the Zuni missions to lose their friars. When Diego de Vargas reestablished Spanish control in 1692, he found that the Zuni had carefully guarded the ritual objects taken from the churches. Their behavior was the only instance of such action in the area. At the time of the de Vargas expedition, the Zuni had abandoned five of their six towns and returned only to the town of Zuni. To some degree, the complex nature of Zuni society may be due to the consolidation of these previously autonomous towns.

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