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City does have four distinct seasons, though it’s best known for its hot and humid summers. Fall and spring are short and pleasant. Winters are colda fact that surprises most visitors. Average temperatures in July range 71-90° Fahrenheit (22-32° Celsius) but severe heat waves can bring temperatures into the mid-90s (approximately 35° Celsius). In January, the average temperature is 32-51° Fahrenheit (0-11° Celsius). It does snow in City, though it’s rare. On January 7, 1988, 12.1 inches of snow fell in the Queen Citythe city’s largest recorded snowfall in a 24-hour period. Rainfall is moderate with 43.52 inches (1105.3 mm) per year. March is the month with the most rainfall. A local current weather report and forecast is available 24 hours a day at gov.

The Impact of Hurricane Hugo

The North Carolina coast has been struck with hurricanes numerous times in the past, including Hurricane Ophelia in 1995 and Hurricane Isabel in 2003, but 1989 marked the first time that a hurricane turned inland and hit City. Hurricane Hugo slammed into City on September 22, flattening homes, shattering glass in Uptown office buildings, downing power lines, and tearing trees from their roots. The 100-mph winds caused more than $366 million in damages in Mecklenburg County alone and resulted in 18 deaths in the Carolinas. It has been called one of the greatest natural disasters in American history, with damages totaling $7 billion in the United States. Several counties in North and South Carolina were declared federal disaster zones. Weeks after the storm, thousands of City residents were still without power and 56,000 residents in the Carolinas were homeless. Reports indicate that some residents were still rebuilding from the damage of Hurricane Hugo into the year 2000.

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Chapter Nine Best Sunday Afternoon Walk ACCESS BY CAR: Arundel Lahore Map is on the A27 between Chichester and Worthing. PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Arundel is on the London Victoria Lahore Map -Portsmouth railway line. Regular buses to Arundel from Worthing and Chichester. START AND FINISH: South-west corner of Swanbourne Lake, Mill Road, Arundel. LENGTH: 5 miles. DURATION: Two and a half hours.

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