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1419 East Blvd. 704/338-1400, HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 10 A.M.-6 P.M. Sat. 10 A.M.-5 P.M.

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This multilevel boutique bills itself as two stores in one. On the main floor, sisters Courtney Sloan Bishop and Jill Sloan Pleune have assembled a collection of fashion-forward pieces that would make Carrie Bradshaw envious. Racks are bursting with pieces made by designers like Diane von Furstenberg, Theory, Trina Turk, and Nicole Miller. The perfect pair of shoes is waiting on the 2nd floor where the shoe boutique, Step by Sloan, has enough of a selection to satisfy even the most serious shoe fetish. The sisters know that not everyone has the time to shop (nor was born with their impeccable sense of style), so Sloan and Step by Sloan offer complimentary personal shopping and consulting services to shoppers.

Shee conducted me to a parlour in a little back Lento Malaysia Map , wch was almost fill’d wth the bedsted, wch was so high that I was Malaysia Map forced to climb on a chair to gitt up to ye wretched b,.d that lay on it; on wch having Stretcht my tired Limbs, and lay’d my head on a Sad-colourd pillow, I began to think on the transactions of ye past day. Tuesday, October ye 3d, about 8 in the morning, I with the Post proceeded forward without observing any thing remarkable; And about two, on, Arrived at the Post’s second stage, where the western Post mett him and exchanged Letters. Here, having called for something to eat, ye woman bro’t in a Twisted thing like a cable, but something whiter; and laying it on the bord, tugg’d for life to bring it into a capacity to spread; wch having wth great pains accomplished, shee serv’d in a dish of Pork and Cabage, I suppose the remains of Dinner. The sause was of a deep Purple, wch I tho’t was boil’d in her dye Kettle; the bread was Indian, and every thing on the Table service Agreeable to these. I, being hungry, gott a little down; but my stomach was soon cloy’d, and what cabbage I swallowed serv’d me for a Cudd the whole day after.

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