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Weaponry The possession and use of weapons constituted an important aspect of life during the colonial period. Mozambique Map Tourist Attractions Weapons provided the colonists with a measure of security, as well as a means of survival by hunting. As Europeans expanded their presence in the New World, they developed a deep-seated appreciation for personal ownership of these valuable tools.

Weapons gave them the independence to maintain themselves and their families, free from any of the typical restrictions they had lived under in Europe. The native peoples of the New World did have a number of truly effective and efficient weapons that were in use throughout the New World.

The weapons that the first Europeans had to face ranged from the blowguns of the South Country area to the atlatl, or throwing stick, used in the area now known as Mexico, and other weapons designed for closer hand-to-hand combat. The weapons of the native peoples often served a variety of purposes from cutting and piercing to use primarily for defense and even for symbolic or ritualistic purposes.

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