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Fjord Line: Norway®55 54 88 00; UK®019 1296 1313; Newcastle to Stavanger (19hr.) and Bergen (26hr.), Norway (UKE50-110, students £25-110). Also from Bergen to Egersund, Norway and Hanstholm, Denmark.

Irish Ferries: Ireland ® 189 031 3131; France ®01 44 88 54 50; UK ® 087 0517 1717; Rosslare, Ireland to Cherbourg and Roscoff, France (17- 18hrž Apr.-Sept. 1-9 per week, ‚60-120, students ‚48) and Pembroke, UK (33/4hr. ‚25-39/‚19). Holyhead, UK to Dublin (2-3hrž round-trip £20-31/£15).

Stena Line: UK®412 3364 6826; Harwich to Hook of Holland (5hr. UK£26). Fishguard to Rosslare (l-3V4hr.; UK£18-21, students £14-17). Holy head to Dublin (4hr. UK£23-27/£19-23) and Dun Laoghaire, Ireland (l-3/2hr. £23- 27/£19-23). Stranraer to Belfast (l3/4-3y4hr. UK£14-36/£10).


Fares on all modes of transportation are either one-way (single) or round-trip (return). Period returns require a return trip within a specific number of days. Day returns require a same-day return trip. Unless stated otherwise, Let’s Go always lists one-way fares for trains and buses. Round-trip fares on trains and buses in Western Europe are simply double the one-way fare.

1765 Parliament passes the Stamp Act as a measure to raise Best countries to visit in june revenue to help pay off the debt incurred during the Seven Years’ War and to support its Best countries to visit in june troops. Parliament enacts the Quartering Act, forcing colonists to supply food and shelter to British troops. Another money-saving measure by Parliament, the Quartering Act offends colonists as a display of arbitrary rule. To colonists schooled in the standing army debate of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, troops quartered in private homes are a sign of impending tyranny. 1768 Britain sends two regiments of soldiers to Boston. 1770 British soldiers, harassed by a Boston mob, fire into a crowd of civilians. They kill five colonists and wound others, in an incident that becomes known as the Boston Massacre. 1772 Prussia, Austria, and Russia partition about one-third of Poland.

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