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The Han are conscientious, methodical and conventional. They like Best vacation in the China to think things out in advance. Their present mastery over Xinjiang is nothing new; they Best vacation in the China first conquered it about 100 BC. As a border province Xinjiang has long been a politically turbulent area. In 1931, after a Moslem rising against extortionate taxation, 200,000 people were killed, and the Han governor closed the border to stop news of the massacre getting out. My Uighur room-mates were en route to Aksu, where the last bloody uprising took place in 1980-1.

Our next stop was the basement. I followed the two men in the dark through a maze of small, cluttered rooms. Brick walls were stained and chipped with age. Each layer of peeling paint revealed another decade of the building’s life.

We stopped in the section where Joseph Townshend’s body was supposedly drained and embalmed. With a certain sense of foreboding, I scanned the sink and surrounding gloom. Dark streaks of rust stained the sink and gave the appearance of blood. I couldn’t seem to look away. How appropriate that such a foul place would be used for this purpose.

Basement sink rumored to have a horrible past.

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