How an Online Reputation and Management Company Can Help You Personally and Professionally

Your Personal Online Reputation

There’s plenty at stake when it’s a company that gets bad reviews or suffers something of a social media meltdown, but how about an individual? What’s at stake for the individual?

The online world can be a pretty bad place in that someone involved in your personal or your professional life wishes to damage your reputation can do an outstanding job.

How an Online Reputation and Management Company Can Help You Personally and Professionally Photo Gallery

For example, a previous romantic partner can post a plethora of negative diatribe on Facebook for all of your family, your friends and your work colleagues to see. Or former employees can attempt to destroy your life (and your company) if you have fired them.

Even if you don’t represent a business and you are not selling anything, so much in life now begins with an online search, and prospective employers will likely be carrying out searches on you. If you don’t hear back from a potential employer, even when you believe that your credentials are excellent and the interview went ever so well, it could be indicative that your digital profile is not doing you any favors.

Your Business’s Online Profile

Let’s say, just for example, that you are in the business of landscape architecture. If you do discuss your business in social media, you’re already identified with the trade, and through that, your resume becomes entirely plausible.

But if someone is looking to hire you and looks you up only to find someone else that has the same name, whereby that someone else is a tattoo artist, that’s not going to help you out. If on the one hand, you don’t have an online presence regarding your business, and all that you’ve posted up on social media is some stuff about your passion for cooking, that will not do you any good, either.

What Can You Do to Safeguard Your Online Reputation?

Well, of course, if you want a professional to deal with the matter, and that may be the right approach for you, then you should hire a good reputation management and marketing company right off the bat.
If you prefer to do it on your own, you should set up a Google alert for your name or your business’s name.

If it is your business brand that you wish to focus on, contribute things to social media that are of interest professionally, and do it at least occasionally. There’s no need to use Twitter every day – just do it a handful of times each month.

It’s worth noting that utilizing Facebook a lot is perhaps not a good idea, and if you do use Facebook frequently, make sure that you maximize your privacy settings.

Additionally, do not be tempted to post many family-oriented photos online. Don’t go over the top with sharing.

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