Hey everyone it is not the best weather today it’s a little bit rainy we believe the truce elisavet the umbrella rod, and got some beanies, and gloves on got my cold yes which is all we’re doing today we’re going to the distillery district which we haven’t been to yet one of the last kind of cool districts to check out, and we’re gonna go on this day baby, I’m David Dunn of a farm to heaven it’ll be fine. So as always we’re catching our big Road past, and going to the distillery district. So yes we’ll uh we’ll hilariously post us we’re gonna probably absolutely fail a much-needed coffee Oh for doing such rush this morning to get out to get to the bus we need a copy, and it’s not – it’s no good by the way they advertise by an Australian flat white which is really strange to us people everyone often black white around the world. But only just missed earlier you have you guys had a flat mark before tell us below I love them I prefer them to lights.


But you have to pay more for them yeah which is ridiculous nice there it is second cup I think it’s a very Toronto thing or a Canadian things are they do alrighty we just got to the distillery just district, I’m nervous try to segue will say all this guy’s license sorry cool by the way. So like really old red brick, and I can’t wait to like see it like you can see a little bit of it now yeah big chunk just there’s a little bit we thought didn’t see it yeah no it’s need to try, and find out worried. Because I be sure to send me that the Distillery District. So we’re like well we’re about or at least we’re meeting looking for segways like we’re looking for a boy standing around yes quite easy to find sexy Oh Mike yeah nervous this is what we’re gonna be riding guys you’re doing good Jess how do you feel – you guys it’s actually easier ah you giving this one yeah that’s the thing oh it’s just. So fun Jesse’s making it all go. So slow she’s getting it go though which is good he’s gonna do a jump as well nosey stupid. So this is where the original shoreline was, and they had to kind of fill it all in.

But I better catch up should I give you some fun facts don’t ever worry about just getting pulled over guys I was so much fun yeah I want to stay going now it was so good, and this area is so very pretty. But all the red brick, and stuff sorry nice, and old oh my gosh that was so much fun I was so nervous, and I didn’t need to be it was so easy anyone can ride a Segway it was so so easy Steven can’t like stop taking photos.

Because this place is so pretty. But oh it was so good we just like um stopped went around with some photos, and now we’re gonna go jump back on the big red bus, and watch you eat it I don’t know what should we do Oh yummy weather, and it keeps on, and off raining, and I don’t know if this Segway tour was really good though like so much fun for area such a nice area. But now we’re gonna go find that really big red just in time here it comes this made out way that’s the Eastern Center feel like we always come here now it’s just too good to miss. Because there’s so many food shops it’s alright Eva it’s kind of gooey weather outside come inside it’s busy yeah we’re just gonna walk around. So this cafe caught science interesting.

Because you can only order using sign language everyone there is everyone there is hearing impaired. So they give you like a cheat sheet, and you can order with sign language. But yeah it’s kind of cool kind of helping out the community. Because people who are hearing impaired get a job, and you get a cool dinner experience. But now we’re just waiting for the big red Buster, and we’re gonna head on home. Because we are so hungry it’s like 2 o’clock, and we haven’t eaten we need food taking the bus pass the seven days oh my god that last fossils like I have heard these fun facts from way too many times I know way too much might want oh oh my goodness. But um tomorrow we are going to Niagara Falls yes we haven’t seen a big waterfall really important like it’s like big massive waterfall, and it was sitting like if we went all the way to Toronto we can not miss Niagara Falls we have to see it.

But we’re walking home now have some lunch it’s getting late in the afternoon now, I’m not sure if we’re gonna do anything much this afternoon. But it is scheduled to rain a lot. But um I thought I’d show you guys that we are gonna Niagara Falls, I’m very excited about it ah hey guys it is some quarter to 1:00 in the morning, and I don’t know when was the last time I spoke to you sorry, I’m sorry you had to do what and, I’m just my voice now yes she has been busy updating our blog which other half you guys know we have one. Because, I’m not sure I think there’s some new buzz around which is awesome hello you guys hello no guys. So if you see the little things they imply – no TV it’s kind of a little blog that we run have a bug. So there’s lots of like tips, and stuff, and would be awesome you guys could support the blog if you want to go check it out there’s some stuff you want to share with you also all those people that are waiting for Alaska stuff I just put out a post about what we did on Days 7 8 & 9 which you didn’t get to see in the posts. Because the hard drive broke see if you want to see some photos, and see what we actually put up to check that.

So for some spoilers you could check it out or you can wait cause I just got an update good news is our hard drive some footage has been taken off the hard drive 21% of it 21% of. So far. So fast I don’t know if they’re gonna do it up to 100% what footage has been saved don’t know yet. But I know that our second footage which is almost a corner in the footage. So far. So hopefully there’s a lesser footage in that that, I’m that’s our update on the hard drive we will keep you guys updated on that I think it takes a while I think right now it is yes it started tomorrow I love you a lot fantastic you guys have been awesome he runs. Because he say go.

Because I was just checking comments from yesterday’s post it was like go to the distillery district right there today, and you guys have been telling us to go to Niagara Falls, and let go I took my Ross boiler. So excited I already told them before I did yeah hopefully my voice comes back I definitely have a bit of a cold we’ll get that soda you took some coffee which is good I did anyway thanks guys, I’m a little we’ll see you tomorrow Oh today oh right it’s morning alright guys I.

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