Hey guys we’ve just been chilling by the pool, and relaxing it is soup hot day as you can see, I’m probably another 20 today we have a yoga lesson that we’re gonna go try out both of us have barely done yoga before I think Stevens never even tried yoga before going to attempt it, and then we’re gonna go, and explore some more of Changu. Because this is our last day in Chiang guru, and we’re off tomorrow to somewhere else in bartley amazing alrighty let’s give this yoga thing a try. So I think we can take the cameras in here. But hopefully we don’t die at the top of those stairs stephen is officially dead for our last lunch here we have ordered a little tasting plate, and the pinkest drink I’ve ever seen Stephens got his little Rafi ready to dig in what’s delicious guys this drink we’ve ordered is called the epic pink it contains beetroot strawberry watermelon carrot apple orange pineapple, and plenty of ginger is healthier this part I love it cuz I love ginger beer guys quickly have some exciting stuff to tell you now remember last year we won that $10,000 prize it was so life-changing for us. Because we’ve got to go to Europe. But it’s the Africa we’ve got to keep traveling or guess what it’s back again this year now the reason, I’m telling you guys is.


Because it’ll be. So awesome to see one of you guys our friends to win the competition. Because you could do so much with it, and it would mean so much to us have you guys won. Because that would just be. So cool. So, I’ll leave the details of the competition below now it is open worldwide even though, I’m Australian, and the competition is based in Australia if you are from Canada you can enter it if you from Australia you can enter it you just have to make like two minute post of you living the adventure please enter it. Because it’d be.

So awesome for you guys to win this competition. Because it literally changed our year, and our life alrighty guys thing is it’s our last day in Changi we’ve decided to grab two bye, and we’re gonna go for a little explore by the way are you sad that just as birthday month service is officially over now I write a very good birthday it was very lovely Moratti we’re number five, and number three there’s mine I like so much all right guys we come down to the beach to a place called the lawn for a drink, and it looks very very cool behind us you can see grass. But right in front of us is the beach very cool alrighty, and this is where you come to get your drinks it’s like a converted old Volkswagen it looks pretty cool you see what there is although I think we’re doing a fresh how are you my friend good thank you we have just found the most epic swing how beautiful is up with the sunset this place is so super chilled as everyone’s relaxed, and drinking their fruit juice reading the beach, and the surfers, I’m sorry chill house. But these guys do a nice of juice that’s very tasty here. So glad we came to this Changu area we didn’t come here last time we came to Bali it has such a chill vibe to it everyone’s brew is just on the beach the past help from too many drinks or past our from too much food it’s a good place to visit we recommend you guys come here scooter scooter scooter scooter hey that’s where we popped out oh yes we found the Bali Bella. So if you didn’t guess some there are no paths for bikes in Bali you pretty much share it with the truck the cars the scooters other cyclists, and food trucks yeah Chiqui laptop club before dinner quick quick burgers for dinner guys our losses that we had to show you it’s like apple fritters or something, and we need a continued laptop clock.

Because we have so much work to do any organized for the next couple of weeks. So we will tell you about once we’ve done our work, and is it good. So, I’m just chilling outside, and I thought, I’ll quickly tell you guys what we’re gonna be getting up to over the next few weeks. So tomorrow we’re saying goodbye to Shing do, and we are going to a place near or bored, and we’re going to be working with some kids, and teaching them English, and teaching them how to brush their teeth, and how to wash, and singing songs to the little ones all these things to do with children, and barley. So it’s gonna be awesome, and then after that we are going to work with some sea turtles for a few days, and then we are off to Indonesia, and as you guys know that is where we’re gonna be working with the orangutan. So a lot is happening, and then we’re off to China still don’t even told you guys what we’re doing there which you’ll find out soon. But, I’m yeah.

So a lot of volunteering work, and I know you guys enjoy the volunteering we always get such positive feedback, and we’re so excited to do it it’s one of our favorite things to do while traveling abroad, and yeah I hope you guys enjoy enjoy all the new volunteering projects we’re gonna go try out Steve Junior come say goodnight come on he’s chillin on the bed, and he looks like he’s comfy, and doesn’t want to get up come say goodnight I just told them what we’re gonna do be doing over the next few days, I’m very excited for it here in years Oh why’d you move me from that oh my gosh assorted fruit on my table that’s embarrassing red probably cuz you’re a bit peachy something mmm he was looking the screaming put the screen down when I come over all right guys good night guys.

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