Sambisari Temple Parmbanan Temple in Indonesia

Samba sorry was a ninth-century Hindu temple it was discovered accidentally by a farmer in when his hose struts down we can go inside to see what is inside the temple very very different and I love it to me, it’s uh. I love to see new cultures, and different things, and that’s why.

Sambisari Temple Parmbanan Temple in Indonesia Photo Gallery

I like to come up just for the cultural change. This is what. I love them were the different the better prom banan another temple of that period is the largest Hindu temple in indonesia. How did they do it in the era that they were doing it you know. How did they build these sites.

I’m just fascinated by the buildings by the symbols, and by the statues and So on, and the meanings of those darling students are learning English, and they asked to be if. I might have my picture they were very cute girls it was lots of fun oh that was great. I think these guys really are enjoying the cns over here, and appreciate that we’re here with them and I can’t explain how, and How much joy they have everywhere.

I go they’ll approach you, and ask you questions, and some are really shy, and we have to kind of work in getting them different howerton, it’s just fun you.

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