How To Learn Japanese Common Mistakes Basic Words

According kind of old battery good this mic yeah let’s just use it we’ve got everything set up already closed press record record it check check Mike check Mike check one two yeah car garrus garrus garrus garrus garrus garrus garrus garrus garrus garrus garrus garrus perfect yeah I think I did use that we are here at the space in Tokyo Japan and, I’m with Utah from that Japanese man Utah blog, and I’ve been here in Tokyo for a few days now, and I’ve realized that I am completely lost without knowing Japanese. So I recruited this man to come in, and teach me the very basics of Japanese language learning, I’m not even attempt the writing at this point. But I just think that I need a few key words a few key phrases to give me by for the first couple of weeks, and then I can move, and progress from there we’ll just show you we have we’re on a time constraint here page let me actually show you let’s show you our behind-the-scenes look here. So this is the space in Tokyo Japan take a look we got a camera set up there that’s one camera one camera two look it out there this is the views we got full on lighting some people over here look at this view look at that over there that’s the Tokyo Tower miss Utah Hey.

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So that’s the behind-the-scenes look alright let’s get back into the post alright let’s start with hello yeah I think I know how long. But you tell me phonetically if, I’m saying konichiwa. So already okay in there well people will understand okay you want to sound more natural yeah yeah Sophie konichiwa konichiwa that’s a veces konichiwa okay. So imagine boys you have five boxes okay, and each box contains sound okay cool hmm Rumi she cheap what what it comes with called me cheese what that second sound is work using call me cheap what good say only Kiba Gong cha okay, and I would say konnichiwa. But it’s called you are all michi one. So interesting with the typical like communication American accent yeah people tend to say konnichiwa :, and they emphasize me. Because that’s what we’re used to right you’re right.

But that’s not how Japanese okay konichiwa konichiwa good démocratie come konichiwa. So it’s more the emphasis is more spread out across the world exactly call me Chi 1 okay how about goodbye. So with the konichiwa okay that’s only good afternoon it is yeah okay you can take on the show up in the morning or at night I’ve been talking a lot of people good afternoon, and telling them wrong okay. So in the morning yeah you want to say Ohio Ohio oh um oh yeah like oh hi Ohio now Ohio well in Japanese there’s different levels of politeness okay. So the way you talk to strangers is different from the way you talk to your friends this is very important we actually just did a post about this, I’ll tell you about that later. But politeness on a scale is very big for Japanese. So with Ohio okay that’s how you say if see your friends okay Ohio.

But if it’s strangers or somebody going in there more important yes you wanna say ohayo gozaimasu ohayo gozaimasu right that’s fortunate Kaluga it doesn’t really have many different versions coming to our. But you usually take on each other to strangers we don’t really take on each other your friend okay konichiwa, and in evening ohio take over goodnight yeah it’s like good evening good evening konbanwa come on walk it okay that’s why when no one ever saying Kony to other people, and they’ve said something completely different back to me yeah okay cool cool Syria come on come on okay that’s like what you say when it stop okay Oh mwah all right right yeah whoo okay, and then only gozaimasu is with the morning Ohio okay cuz, I’m uh okay, and goodbye Oh. So um literally goodbye sayonara sayonara realice that’s probably one japanese word that everybody knows again you don’t emphasizes not okay biola sayonara good aspetta sayonara okay yeah. So it’s not sayonara okay sayonara sayonara okay okay such breaking apart the words that I thought I knew in Japanese are completely wrong okay. So I owe nada this is actually a very very common mistake that I will say. Because like they think like oh you know good bye see you later yeah it’s a lot of fun it’s actually okay we’ve very very rarely used cyber manner very rarely used sayonara that’s really been good enough in fact Sarah is almost as if like a new movie seeing this person ever like have a good life, and yeah alright. So yeah it’s not very appropriate okay okay.

So with your friends with your friends you can say maybe Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny good China Oh mata mata Mata Hari after them yeah my stomach mutton is like on you later okay ki around Madonna Janet John ago fam use the same interchangeably crazy idea pretty similar and. So Matt Danner you can use with stranger friends friend Brent John a, and matinee only with friends always protect plot in your workplace with yet Colleen aha there’s a very useful expression okay what is it which is all scatter some of this the first box okay it’s got it Oh got it got it Oh Scott it. So you’re not getting sister against sister good good oh Syria Oh Talia both got a good kick okay. So both got it Oh got it how modest some others good hostess got it some others good perfect hopeful we can say this to your colleagues or scatter this some other some other both got it some others know the pot some of it huh that’s the polite palm okay to your friends you can just say some of this no yeah enough I once got a good Oh got it right okay let’s get it let’s got it get all right, and how about let’s move on to thank you thank you I thought I knew was already got cool hmm. But, I’m sure you’ll tell me that’s actually correct okay yes born out of five yeah. So from the stationaries arigato arigato okay, and I’ve also heard that people just extend yes, and I guess though, and then also is it goes I not great yes I got a long you know the difference between a legato gozaimasu is more formal great the next I may also just extend it. So it’s cuz, I’m ah yes I got all with your friends haha arigato gozaimasu yeah with strangers great now you ever use this might be another one like the side or not you ever use a domo arigato not like a famous, and the damage that even mean anything yeah you can say normal I got – no more I got.

Because, I’m not this is very affordable who would you say to president we do almost never use layers or whatever if you meet the president no we don’t have president we only have Prime Minister no. But not I mean just say, I’m very high up right Batman no you’ll deal with we can just say I got no good neither were communication I’ve never met me I can’t wait I hope I mean want alright next up next up is excuse me right how do i if, I’m getting our subway if I run into somebody oops excuse me or get out of my way how do you say that the EMF in. So oh that’s like the we just learned that yeah. So we must then will not assume us in nice okay next one I am learning Japanese Oh what is all that you know the nose we can try or maybe, I’m learning or yeah that’s the best kind of like a full phrase isn’t it let me just say yeah Nyong’o bank customer not ready for that nihongo then that’s too many be hung go bang gamma on us free is free syrian nihongo been killed stainless poof after that’s a tongue twister we’ll get that on it do you notice much yes MA yes you know what Maxine’s no it’s another slice a lot of light with Oh polite buffer yeah okay. So when you hear this oh ma okay it means it’s polite different like them okay alright let’s go back let’s go back step that was an aggressive ball okay yes, and no hello hi yes right I got hi hmm. But I don’t know no. So I always say no it is very very interesting.

Because it can be jump or camera language is never simple you’re right. But sometimes it is not in most examples I don’t know. So in English you can simply say yes or no okay okay. So we do have little like a we can literally trunk like ESO lo okay yes is hi hi you already know that you don’t know it yet yeah yeah however we don’t always use high-end PS okay especially yeah yeah I’ve heard hi a lot I’ve never heard or understood that in spoken Japanese we almost never never say e okay okay what do you say. So one of the way it yeah a little shorter. But we don’t, and the princess of course not. Because they know it’s hard in Japanese Japanese people don’t can say no say no it’s hard in Japanese that.

But we don’t simply say no Pocoyo is making an excuse we make it softer that’s so interesting okay. So how does this others along instead of just saying no there’s a long explanation yeah. So instead of saying no we might say that my technical or or I can’t or yeah uh sure that might be difficult how do you say if someone comes up to you, and says is this your ramen what do you say, and you just say what is it we can say she got she got mad. So you’re saying no thank you gee I must mean masses formal great what what she got a must is eat it look correct okay it’s alright it’s different okay she got she got my if you say like it you can you could say yeah yeah. But that’s that kind of brute it’s not exactly with this thing can’t say no the guy can’t say enough I love this yeah all right. So let’s go ah okay. So these are out how do you say no in Japanese yeah watch me no let me do that Sarah yeah.

So Alana para. So in my email you took part on my blog yeah interviewed Japanese people yeah, and do you know like what they do when they don’t want see into this not. So they are walking then walk away it’s like they’re saying yes. But no key well yeah they say yes. Because then they don’t stop till all right quite I get it all right let’s let’s do another one I don’t understand Oh changes to this that’s another that’s another thing we don’t say I don’t understand all right great. So if somebody says something to you, and you don’t understand yeah okay would just say nothing I see myself okay excuse me, and if you want to be like if you want to sound really really Japanese yeah you make the kind of better facial expression yeah kind of like a story you know I don’t know sure give me a good can you give a little you guys to do a lot ahead yeah yeah if the facial expressions torneio voice very very important okay why you say things is as important as what you say in Japanese the way you say things is just as important as what you say I guess that that’s very international. But probably within words here as well yeah all right let’s give me give me another one here let’s do how much how much something is I feel like that’s a very important phrase okay let’s start with Kondo Japanese okay casual yeah okay uh Iike that good I can do that on Akira Akira.

But with strangers ikura desu ka’ all right you could add this guy great okay just like doko desu ka’ exactly you gotta watch the ordinariness yes which is where where where where doko desuka II say yeah Akira Akira visca great all right all right that’s a good one all right next one is I always use in Spanish I always use vamos vamos imports imports aggression. So give me a good let’s go or I feel like we use it a lot okay wait Kaja Japanese casual, I’m on this, I’m on the soccer field, and I want to get my team going what that’s it Iko Iko okay go let’s go pickle eco okay, and now the flight one well when will you reply let’s go maybe cheer your parents with the colleague with the color crime let’s go to have like a te yeah are exactly iki macho camacho et macho akima. So Dickie Marshall great all right Lambert Victor what sex pronunciation Dickie Marshall, and casual again Iko Iko I like Susie I give me a rapid let now can we do numbers now yeah I was two numbers really clever, and then we’ll end with the will give me a funny phrase okay for two. So this is actually how it called in Japanese one yeah geeky. So am Italia little secret here when I was very young I took karate lessons, and we would had to learn as we punch 1 through 10. So tell me if, I’m close Freddie okay each knee saw Chi rook or go go go look that’s all I remember the time out we got thousands, I’ll analogy you are almost right let’s start from one okay you keep teaching meet me some time she she go wrong Goku roku shichi hachi hachi hachi q q g jiu KU okay, I’m gonna get that all right. So now we got those numbers down give me a couple of really good phrases things that I could take or maybe one or two phrases that that are pretty common for Japanese culture okay first of all real min dockside men dockside mendax are easy yeah men dockside okay this is something you’re if there’s something you have to do.

But you’re too lazy to do that okay like, I’m in the side still a trouble mentor glad it’s good not now can’t be bothered yeah okay that’s really good all right how about something – if I was on a date maybe with a Japanese woman, and I wanted to give her a compliment what would I say okay. So Japanese compliment they tend to be very subtle okay I like that. So instead of saying oh you’re cheese or like I like your eyes yeah you will say something like oh, and I get close all right how do I say hey I like your style come on the Japanese style is second to none I think in that case you would want to say I like your clothes I like your clothes okay say. So North Korea. So not go in a group. Because you are all the things yeah it won’t be too polite think you too different you don’t alright yeah how can I go excuse me like yeah. So you want to say with confidence yeah thanks how’s your Japanese say it again.

So so no. So good. So no what’s that male part cuckoo look good cuckoo. So now cuckoo cuckoo it’s actually yeah cuckoo cuckoo good. So now cuckoo email you don’t want it add the scroll okay. So you don’t want the sound on your croquis. So you don’t want to sound cool hmm Oh drop the broth okay who just mouth that’s mom.

So no cuckoo great Teaneck alright yeah very good start I feel like we learns a little bit of the basics, and even something to say on a date I feel pretty good this is a long process as in learning any language or anything foreign to you. But I feel like, I’m off to the right start I appreciate it yeah all right if you guys want to check out the second post that we did more pronunciation, and phrases go over to uses blog, I’ll leave a description below, and also give it a little icon in his face click on that comment to his blog for a ton a really good Japanese content you’d also had a Japanese language learning course and, I’ll leave a link in the description is there as well. So check that out, and get free Japanese lessons from me that’s pretty good next week we’re going to cruise around with you thought he’s going to show me to his favorite spots around the city. So make sure you check if you liked the post give it a thumbs up if you learned something please leave a comment, and as always comment to my blog as well as utah’s thanks guys see you next week sail.

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