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A Private Reserve located in South Africa’s water berry biosphere, and Sabini Game Reserve stretches square miles across several distinct ecosystems from wide open grassland to craggy Mountain Clips the morning’s gain drive is out in search of the legendary Big Five Africa’s most sought-after animals the lion the Rhino the cape buffalo the elephant, and the leopard today Africa’s big ponds are under constant threat from poachers, and disrupted habitat conservation efforts are underway to help protect, and preserve the magnificent animals that called this land their home now are any of you scared of heights will you be a calamity, and have you bend on any steep roads in your life as a woman we’re not going to walk we’re going to literally drop off the escarpment, and we’re going to drive down into the lower escarpment there’s a lot of general game up here as well rhinos elephants what catch do we look for things like your lions leopards the rarest of the rare would be cheetah. I’m South African born, and bred, and Wildlife is one of my passions Africa, and wildlife is in one’s blood if you live in this country.

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It’s the diversity of the wildlife the environment the habitat is all absolutely stunning in this country also contributes a lot to our economy the reservist of inter Vania offers a variety of different wildlife the most popular would be the plague that people come to have interaction with the lion the most popular the elephants real king of the jungle, and the leopard ever-elusive very difficult to actually feed the leopard, and the buff last the most dangerous of the big five of course, and we always call them the grumpy old men or the targa boys, and then you have the Rhino highly endangered highly sought after in the east, and sadly facing extinction the big five excel for the hunting term that was developed to describe the most dangerous animals the animals that hunters would have wanted to capture.

And, obviously put on their walls these days the big five are what people would like to photograph like to interact with, and like to see up close, and personal they normally use the tasks to pull up the bug on the tree it tasks the normally uses is shorter than the other work preserving the big five is very important to the ecosystem it retains the balance in the ecosystem is one animal becomes dominant has a ripple effect throughout the system the elephant’s would have a bit of a negative impact on the environment if there are too many of them lions would keep the numbers of antelopes down the Rhinos would play a critical role as well their dedication, and creation of mittens would also support thriving ecosystem you then got obviously the tourists who would like to come visit, and see the big five they’ve seen for the climb on the National Geographic movies they’ve seen them on travel websites, and it’s a very very large draw card, and over to the left yeah.

This is the edge of it, and then further those are Impala further further back the big five itself places obviously numerous challenges one our impact on our environment the areas are getting smaller, and smaller their habitat is getting smaller, and smaller as humans expand around the globe many of the big five are also sought-after for traditional medicine they are poached they are hunted the most endangered animal in South Africa at the moment is the Rhino they’re being poached for the aphrodisiac value of the rhino horn which is actually nonsense. Because the rhino horn is keratin the same as your fingernails you might as well just bite your fingernails last year over, rhinos were poached in South Africa one every eight hours, and a dead weight they get to be extinct in a very short time some of the game reserves who had to take measures to protect their owners in some reserves they have removed the horns, and in others they have radio tracking devices on a tester owner in this reserve enter Benny they have an anti poaching squad their sole purpose is to monitor the Rhinos, and all the high-value animals, and to make sure that there are no encroachments by outsiders into the reserve. So if you’re watching this video, and you want to help preserve our wise are several things you can do firstly don’t buy wildlife products that such as animal skins bone, and to Rhino products secondly you can contribute to an endangered trusts or you can just come, and visit again reserve all your money goes back into conservation the cheetahs begin run up to London in km/h.

I think what makes me passionate about African wildlife is the fact that the scenery is ever-changing the wildlife is ever-changing, and it’s great to see our travellers reaction to the wildlife things that they’ve only ever seen in the zoo’s coming to life in front of them breathtaking vistas, and close encounters with Africa’s most majestic animals a perfect start to a South African adventure you.

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