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A Mediterranean island with an idyllic climate dramatic vistas, and hearty cuisine Sicily embodies all things Italian yet clearly has its own flavor Larry Lawrence Lorenzo Lorenzo in Norman several mafia bosses have come from Corleone a village of, walk the streets where. So many of the Mafia but to get a better impression of history of that area the eight temples of the valley of the temples were built in the th, and th centuries BC when this was a Greek colony they honor Heracles Zeus Hera, and Vulcan among other gods in juxtaposition with the city behind them in the sky that’s when they’re really beautiful.

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I can’t imagine living here. I just it would be fun fabulous absolutely you can see why that they built right here beautiful, and then that they could look out over the land of what they owned and I think about the ships coming into the coast at night with the torches lighting up the temples, and it must have been very impressive sweeping landscapes cobblestone streets, and genuine Sicilian culture explore this island in the heart of the Mediterranean you.

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