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What are you doing boy why are you getting. So close don’t you do it just rallying out back that never-ending Northern Territory made famous by its remote, and rugged landscape my journey into the vast unknown started smack dab in the middle of the country in a town called Alice Springs where the welcoming party was led by a man affectionately known as kangaroo Dundee kangaroo Dundee or rova runs a hundred, and eighty eight acre kangaroo sanctuary just outside of town where they rescue rehabilitate, and release orphaned baby kangaroos like Sebastian here I figured it was good karma to come pay my respect before hitting the road these Australian boots have a reputation for playing chicken in traffic, and just like that it was time to embark on the long drive north from alice springs to darwin for this trip.

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I actually went against my ways, and hopped in a tour bus with real Aussie adventures. Because to be honest I didn’t want to drive all that way it gets real lonely out there especially when there’s some stretches of highway where you can go literally hundreds of kilometres without seeing any sign of civilization, and when you do reach a town or a Palmer station you find yourself trapped in time with some real interesting tourist attractions back on the road our first stop was at the famous Ayers Rock otherwise known as Lulu the Rue de 1 heading into the outback we just drove for about four or five hours I made it to our first campsite here in uluru there’s a lot of flies it’s very hot we’re gonna go explore we’re gonna go off in a little trek right now check it out there was a colonial objective was his name after exploring the sacred area around Nuala roof we traversed the rocks of cazuca past the wild rock balls of Devil’s marbles, and into the impressive Kings Canyon.

And it’s beautiful views we saw some crazy ancient archaeological sites of the aboriginals, and even spotted a few dingoes as we continued north with the changing landscape from the Red Rock flat lands to the tropical green terrain. But all the while the one constant that remained as we traveled north was that it was hot asSo thankfully we found a few cool sanctuaries along the way the watering holes are great it’s super refreshing. But you just had to watch out for these guys along the way, and these guys, and especially these guys out of all the creatures in the outback without a doubt locals respect, and fear the saltwater crocodile or salty more than anything these beautiful bastards will eat even if they’re not hungry view step in their territory it’s on, and they’ve been known to take down boats bigger than the one we were in right here on this little cruise through kakadu national park what are you doing boy what do you don’t you do it luckily we survived the sunset, and made it back to camp in one piece. But for some reason despite all the creatures around the Outback we still decided to sleep outside we pulled up heavy duty sleeping bags called swags to the campfire, and found some comfort, and knowing that there was at least someone on either side of you, and once the group settled in, and the fire died down the incredible night sky made me forget anything crawling around me the Australian outback its vast, and it’s desolate it’s hot, and it’s sticky. But man is it beautiful Oh.

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