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Check this out having a meet-up in Paris every would say what’s up it’s a beautiful morning here in Monaco the Sun is out the birds are chirping, and blue skies 6:30 in the morning I am about to check out of my hotel this is the second post in the 2018 a euro trip today is going to be a very interesting day I haven’t done a trip like this in a very long time you know like a really spontaneous trip. So I have a job in just about a week, and it didn’t really make sense to go all the way back to New York City. So I figured why not go to Paris today’s post is a proper travel post I don’t really know what to expect I don’t have any plans in Paris when I do travel like this that’s what I feel the most alive when I don’t have any plans, and I kind of just go with the flow with the Airbnb I have a flight in three hours.

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But before that the company, I’m working for said they had one more surprise for me to get out there, and see what this day has in store for us shakes like thank you great to meet you Sarah fingers here, I’m making your little post they go with travel post alright yeah yeah, and even the hotel next stop is so there you have it the fastest way from Monaco to meet is via helicopter if this weekend trip has been one of those times where it just is not real this is not really or taking a helicopter from Monaco to need to not something I do on the regular incredible it’s actually interesting. Because a lot of the people on the helicopter you can tell that’s how they travel you know it’s not the first time taking the helicopter to the airport this time of last year exactly I was in Paris time flies this could have been very very bad I am so lucky that this did not go back to New York almost everything I own is in this suitcase I had a return flight to Manhattan. But I missed it to stay in Paris. Because it didn’t make sense to go home for only five days then fly back to Europe to go to Norway crisis averted now we go to Airbnb I was thinking about this on my way over here takes a private helicopter to the airport then stays in a 58 euro a night Airbnb not a very normal thing to take the helicopter.

But the Airbnb this is how you should travel, I’m on the fifth floor of a walk-up welcome to home for the next four days this kind of apartment this is what I love this is my style it almost reminds me of my first apartment in New York just a shoebox a place with real character you know I traveled so much, I’m never home I would love to move to Paris Paris is that city where you fall in love with the place I mean just opening the door, and coming into this apartment you walk into the foyer you have the little bathroom here very very tiny bathroom I mean who needs a big bathroom you walk in then on the left you have this little kitchen nook breakfast bar with the washer, and dryer there perfect just tiny little apartments the thing that is amazing about this apartment are all of the plants real plants to the good stuff now that Baker really they look at all the plants the woman said on her note that I don’t have to take care of the plants which is actually very good. But there’s so many plants I love that to the right you have this little desk area walking further back bookshelves nice little living room area quaint is the word for this place it’s very very quaint I can put my arms almost from one end to the other end about that’s how small it is tons, and tons of natural light you walk out through the living room to the window take a little peek out onto our streets in Paris look at this hmm.

So get this apparently this street used to be known for sex shops there are still a few sex shops on the street I can count one two look at that sweet toys right there last. But not least you walk to the very very back of the apartment to the bedroom, and I love this I love the map of the world I need to get them after the world for my own apartment when I actually do get a proper apartment, and really settle in. But all you need right here is a little bed, and my biggest piece of travel advice air B&B especially if you’re on a budget, and especially if you really want to experience a city how a local would, I’m very very fortunate that I can kind of get the best of both worlds you know I’ve stayed in very very nice hotel, and I still go back to the little Airbnb is just. Because you cannot beat living like a local to get that vibe of the city that you’re in, and that’s priceless, and you save money this is exactly what, I’m looking for, I’m walking down the streets of Paris, and I randomly run into a viewer no way was very nervous there’s a guy playing the trumpet some nice live music very Parisian check this out having a meet-up in Paris every would say withdraw we have triplets at the Meetup you guys will introduce yourself once to some of you in time, and dog after we yeah for sure it was such a sight though when they came up. Because we were all sitting down, and these three it sure puts come up just like walking with like a purpose. So there’s to the meetup that’s so cool oh and, I’m just going to go therapists in Paris, and I also happen to make fun be too much to me, and I broke my hand look at this there you go anyone that’s so nice you’re open amaz you brought whiner should we go get more wine we migrated now we’re down a substan that we all stopped, and got some Swiss Amato free the second time I ever came to Paris I stayed right that way up on those. So this is one my favorite spots in Paris have you ever come get some food good friends come to the river the what Bailey, I’m little bear, I’m a little Balder, I’m sorry John masculine.

So big Arica don’t come to see the body I could have come to Paris without being lyrical power Paris has my heart I love this city more than I could have ever imagined I want to come back to Paris I want to move to Paris, I’ll live here for at least a little bit my life last night’s meetup was hands down, I’m gonna say it the Paris meetup last night was one of if not the best meetup I’ve ever had a group of people that came, and showed up one of the most interesting positives just genuine groups of people I’ve ever come across it was basically hanging with good friends on the river, and I want to just say to everyone who came out to meet up huge huge thank you I will forever remember the night understand when I met up with I think there’s probably like 30 people in total 30 random strangers from the internet, and we had some beers along the river, and lots of Sun. So it’s my last day in Paris, and then tomorrow Moll Germany, I’m going to Frankfurt, I’m going to have a Frankfurt Meetup it’s going to be on Instagram. So if you’re not go formula Instagram I think Instagram it’s probably my favorite platform now just as far as interaction, and connecting with people. So go follow me on Instagram if you’re from Germany, and you want to go to the Meetup, and then after Germany I have a very very big trip coming it’s super last-minute, I’m going with a very good friend if you’ve been reading the posts for a while you probably know who this guy is it’s a trip to Norway, I’m going to be in Norway for 7 days basically going on an adventure surfing rapid going into ice caves climbing cliffs bungee jumping it’s going to be insane that’s going to be on June the 4th really take the time to get out there, and live, and this is my favorite kind of travel like I said going to an Airbnb staying living like a local on a nice Parisian street life is so good right now I hope you have an amazing day wherever you are in the world I hope whatever time it is whatever you’re going through reading this little post blog made your day a little bit better entertainment whatever you want to have it if you liked today’s post take the time now pause give this post a thumbs up leave a comment down below if you came to the meet-up say what’s up also comment if you’re from right party you’re going to the meetup, I’m curious to know how many people I can expect, and where a good place to have the meetup would be other than that, I’m going to edit posts in my little Parisian apartments look how perfect this is this is my desk, I’m going to sit here, and get some work done it I will see you in the next post most likely from Frankfurt Germany until then remember as always to smile more worried less live your passion get out there, and see the world really get out there, and see the world where there should be some like where to go okay wait okay yeah it’s still recording we got it yeah you got it Oh should I do like the artsy ones like woo yes Bieber should I do like an outfit shot, I’m doing like an album this is amazing.

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