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Welcome to Southeast Alaska we’re looking forward to a great trip. This is a fantastic time to be here. We’ve had salmon running in all the streams which means the Bears these coastal brown bears are down feeding on the streams looking forward to a really good week taking out hiking in the rain forest getting out in kayaks doing some zodiac cruises basically just sharing this wild intact ecosystem with you first morning of our trip we left sick in a little bit of rain, and here we are in a beautiful sunny morning killer whales they come in two different varieties there’s the kind of that hunt for fish, and the kind of hunt for marine mammals we had a big tall dorsal fin six feet high slicing the water.

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So an exciting start, and no sooner had we seen the killer whales then there were in fact whales, and what. We’ve been observing is some cooperative bubble net feeding, and what that means is a group of in our case we think ten humpback whales are all going down together, and doing a deep dive as they start to come up they’re blowing circles in a spiral, and as they get toward the surface we hear the sound go up, and up, and up a few seconds after that they all come up with mouths open in order to get the fish that have been encircled in those spiral bubbles this, and behind us are the Indian Islands that’s where we’re doing our zodiac cruise, and when I come around the corner.

You’ll be able to look out, and see cross down open Gulf of Alaska we really are right on the edge of the Gulf of Alaska here. We’ve got caught a fish. I ticha top is a big island with a high concentration of brown bears, and one of the main reasons that they’re coming to this particular area is that there’s a pretty good substantial salmon stream every place we’re walking today we’re walking on trails originally put here by animals there game trails these are what are called perennial bear tracks, it’s a really great example of. How big these animals are, and you can see the stride coming in this morning we’re an Endicott arm, it’s part of the Tracy arm wilderness area Tracy arms a little bit north of here, and mrs.

Endicott arm there are these two very long beautiful fjords that knife into the continent of North America they both empty out into Stevens pastures a little bit to the west of us spectacular place to see the glaciers, and the landforms that were caused by them Dolf glacier is a fairly active glacier most of the time when we’re up here we can see quite a bit of calving, and this particular glacier is receding. So you’re finding that a lot of ice is falling off into the water, it’s losing a lot of the face every year, and we consistently a year after year see the face of the glacier moving back up, and along the length of the fjord well you know you come to Alaska to see the large, and magnificent the glaciers, and the bears, and the whales but then you start to focus in on the small, and unheralded little things, and there are those moments when the sights are. So overwhelming that you’ve developed new eyes, and new ears, and this sounds come into play the sounds of water of birds of whales, and even sometimes of the profound silence, it’s.

So profound, it’s more of a presence than an absence. I love that.

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