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Chiloe is the fifth largest island in South America home to an abundance of unusual wildlife, and hospitable Islanders. I’m Alex Merida, and well.

This is my Island my favourite island the island of chiloé look at this beautiful the in was the the last trial Alex he he conveys great passion about his country about his community, and about his culture, and that makes a difference in our trip to explain those kind of pregnancies that nobody wanted to explain this fear we can’t very you know importance. So. Because he was the son of the daughter of a struggle this wildlife sanctuary is habitat for several endangered animals including one of the largest colonies of the Magellanic penguin these sea birds are here to mate males reclaimed former burros, and call out for their lifetime mates the two will then spend a month raising their chicks to adulthood Hardy is the one with the south but this process is a lot of concentration the potatoes the meats, and that is the leaves of the rhubarb or the gunnera that we were talking about they’re going to teach you. How to prepare a cow some of you were buying it in the market this traditional Chilean meal is called Toronto Toronto comes from a silhouette archipelago yahooza say that you’re concerned with a loin we’re going to say salud former this was the best experience we had on the island wonderful the hosts are fantastic this woman has got.

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So much life to her oh sweet wonderful is the teacher the principal the cleaning lady the electrician everything in the school the school provides education to students ranging in age from to children performed the Chilean national dance called the cueca this was very special, and their dancing, and I’ll tell you. I’m the folk dancer, and they’ve got some fantastic dancers in this group yeah and I got to dance with the best of them. So it was just.

So much fun this was great, and it just means it needs as much support as a courier the kids are fabulous, and they’re happy listen the people also getting touched with the kids in the last visit to the school that was really really awesome so I didn’t expect with the dance. I never think that if.

I did it until oil, and we have one of the most interesting experiences of the trip is a very cool girl the mythology, and the life in community is really interesting for me. I can have the contact with many different people the interaction with the locals. I think that.

I have to be myself all the time having fun discovering for first-time places that we are visiting through the eyes of my passengers they are discovering for first time and I’m doing the same through their eyes. I hope you will join me to discover Argentina Chile.

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