Gym Rats-The Tulum Jungle Gym Awaits

Serious question for all you gym rats and fitness fanatics out there.. Do you workout when you’re on vacation? What would you do if you were stranded on a beach with no gym in sight? Fitness lovers of all skill levels will be thrilled to hear about a new workout destination that’s right on the beach, in Tulum, Mexico.

Gym Rats Doing Things

You can now stare in the ocean waves while doing your squats or lunge your way across the sandy shore for an extra challenging workout.

Gym Rats Gig Harbor

Owner Ali Carter, an ex-member of the World Marines, and his ironman triathlete girlfriend Katie Davies launched this eco-friendly gym last year, by outfitting a section of the beachfront with an impressive array of equipment that.

Gym Rats Fort Wayne

Fred Flintstone would have loved to workout with. They’ve used a mix of wood, steel, and concrete and made wooden squat cages, a bench press, dumbbells made using concrete stones, lifting logs, climbing ropes, olympic rings, and more. That is for this week’s We Hear. Travel Savvy and see you next time!.

Gym Rats Volleyball

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