Lemon Festival in Menton France

Hey from nice we’re gonna go, and cement on today, and the lemon festival. So this is ivy hey guys. So we got to my song took the train here, and it’s a very cold rainy day. So we kind of came on the wrong day. So we’re just walking around, and seeing if we want to stay or come back tomorrow probably we’ll do that then drawn in by the pastries apparently this place won an award for having the best croissants in 2010 a few days we are still in mental trying to buy we are trying to find actually the office of tourism. So you could buy tickets to come back tomorrow I got a little sneak peek of the garden we saw, and I haven’t seen it yet yeah it’s a pretty great it’s really beautiful yeah there’s all kinds of greed it’s like a mint on lemon-infused that shams, and all these readings I wasn’t a grave enough to go in. Because she asked, and they were kind of like you know really we’re gonna come back.

Lemon Festival in Menton France Photo Gallery

So anyways looking for that we found like this area they’re doing kind of a local tastings pretty interesting they have all this stuff set up right try to find the real place were supposed to go now hello ivy, and I have some fancy media to the lovable we meeting here now is drawn in by all I like the ships I think this is my favorite one. So far I never ideas she’s over at another food stamps pretty right here he is getting a very breath why me couldn’t decide. So I got both the cocktail of three a groom which is basically a lemon grapefruit, and orange really good the hominy the lemon festival that’s really cute what did you think of it there you cuter reminded me actually of the Rose Parade in Pasadena the battler fall just lays yeah. So I’ve left that valid now we’re going in search of coffee, and croissants yeah stopped in for coffee in crystal.

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