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Morocco the crossroads of Europe Africa, and Arabia has some of the most diverse culture, and geography in the world everything in the world here as little as miles of movement can reveal a completely new landscape the cultural variety is equally rich Fez Morocco s second-largest city was founded in the th century, and is home to the oldest university in the world this city is regarded as the country’s cultural, and spiritual center we’re heading into the market the soup where, it’s going to get very crowded they tell us it was much different than any other market.

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I’ve ever been in we’re going to taste camel meat yeah well. I don’t know. How we’re to what extent you would like. Because no matter. How well you cook it, it’s very nice like tough house your choice.
I will try to get you some choice yes no problem we’ll try to have it preserved it that’s the honey cake that’s normally what we use for breaking the fast in the month of Ramadan is sweet it gives you energy during the day trip leader Mohamed ahjusshi shares his insiders knowledge of Fez the city he calls home. This is our first arab country Oh eighty. We’ve just done it before, and we just teeth very professional it never been a problem with the guide.

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So there’s a lot of confidence in that you see the goat skin container. So they clean them, and fill them up with water. I like his honesty good professional gaiters is really valuable Africa’s Sahara Desert is the size of the United States it is the biggest source of sand, and dust in the entire world my most exciting part was that sandstorm.

I’m joining inside it, and nobody would have a sound fun with positronium headscarves provide protection from the windblown sand camels are equipped with their own defenses they have two rows of long eyelashes to keep the windblown sand out of their eyes true elements, and we’re just stinging from all that Sam. I think that’s gonna be the most memorable you know ken and I were just giggling all the way to the th we couldn’t see each other until we got inside, and then it was Posey ah here’s my tenth, and then be probably the first thing we tell our friends about the sand storm the Sahara after a night with some of the brightest stars seen from anywhere on earth the Sun rises in the East shining over, miles of desert God made me feel happy. I like the visiting with the people getting to know the people this tent is made of woven camel wool a homegrown commodity these nomads put to use in countless ways, it’s hard, it’s harder than it looks right these nomads are ethnic Tories a series of snare frame drums called band ears provide the main percussive rhythm for their music Touareg women often release a special call or scream to express celebration , and then we’re singing in the drums were feeding, and we were dancing, and it was such a joyful experience unlike the fully nomadic tribes of the Sahara semi-nomadic people live here in the middle Atlas Mountains they lead their herds into these mountains each spring to graze for the season would what a dismissable hyah – hyah oh but it is not the whole family here.

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Because today, it’s a marquis de sade a when time entered the year ahsoka the nearest soup or market is a half hour drive away, and provides this young woman’s family of seven with all the food supplies it needs just was smiling, and laughing. So much at the time tenna here Morocco is a prized oasis city providing a lush retreat from the arid ruggedness of the surrounding Atlas Mountains for the locals of this emerald in the sand the pattern of daily life is old centuries even millennia for most amazeen the day begins before sunrise with a morning call to prayer the first of five calls for the day ahead then, it’s off to the market or souk where locals will bargain for everyday necessities like grain clothing, and especially lifestyle once a week this town’s live animal market is also a place to share stories, and socialize animals are central for many households antennae here but for the semi-nomadic people surrounding the city they are vital in these families than men tend to the livestock the women look after the family for all families traditional Moroccan cuisine served at lunch, and dinner has changed little over time tagine is a local staple commonly eaten with flatbread called hubs while education antenna here has improved recently for many children in the more rural areas access to school remains limited some young students in the region have a long way to travel to school more than young boys who wouldn’t otherwise have access to education come to this Center funded by the grand circle foundation to live study, and enjoy some well-earned recreation Marrakesh is main square is arguably the busiest in Africa the center of activity, and trade in this city known for its color, and social vibrancy hey. We’ve had mules donkeys camels now we’re in the carriage Noah grooving up each time.

I think. I feel like a royal princess riding around in the Carrie from the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean to the snowy peaks in the Atlas Mountains to the desert sands of the Sahara Morocco is a land of stark contrasts each day a new discovery was. So curious with my children when they got a tattoo you only live once.

This is completely out of the normal range of our experience so I just loved it absolutely worth, and the tranny, and experience you could not describe Nashua my name is Aziz kabiri and I am a tour director for IOT on the Morocco Sahara Adi say. I was born, and raised in the medina of fez in Morocco, and the it is a step back into into history into space, and time, and then once you go through one of the gateways actually you are back into the th, and th century it is a maze, and it’s made outta alleyways, and alleyways at the dance you can turn round in circles when.

I was years old. I used to run away, and they used to get lost starts crying somebody is gonna grab me, and put me back where everyone. So so did it.

This is where. I do the country is not big it is the size of Texas, and if you move kilometers the scenery is going to look completely different, and then we have everything can imagine. I mean Morocco has got their green lamp a very arable land, and one of the most beautiful regions in the country is the the the children Valley, and the data spelling, and these valleys are all along the high atlas mountains we go visit families, and we have home hosted meals, and then the the travelers get to me through the people talk to the people, and learn about the entry from the people themselves come join up with us we’re looking forward to welcoming you into Morocco from your hometown.

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You’ll set out on a journey of discovery we fly from the u. s. to Casablanca where our local trip leader waits to guide us along a loop encompassing Morocco’s varied lands after discovering the ancient palaces, and modern plazas of rabat we explore the Roman ruins of volubilis, and the minarets of McNees on our way to Fez then we travel south across the middle Atlas Mountains, and on to our tented camp in the Sahara, and we journey to the oasis of Tunisia before capping our adventure with a discovery of the medina of marrakech a unesco world heritage site on this adventure. You’ll explore some of the highlights of north africa we’ll discover several unesco world heritage sites like the medina as a fence, and marrakech the mountain fortress of painter ben haddou, and the ancient roman settlement of volubilis we’ll take in striking views of the Moroccan landscape, and visit remote villages as we travel across the Atlas Mountains, and a real highlight will be our stay in the Sahara we will walk the golden dunes, and sleep in comfortable tents beneath the countless stars of the desert sky you.

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