Things To Do In Iceland In The Winter

A lot of people come to Iceland in the summertime, but in the winter, there’s so many unique activities that you can do. Home to a number of glaciers, winter in Iceland allows you to get up close and personal with these mammoth blocks of ice.

Thrill seekers can hop on a snow mobile and take off on a pulse-rising ride. OK, here we go! Woo! The glacier is smooth as silk.

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Langjokull Glacier is the second largest in Iceland. Inside are manmade caves that allow you to go under the surface, and stand next to a wall of ice. I am absolutely blown away. It’s massive and it’s gorgeous. You feel like you’re in another world. We’re going deep into the interior. It’s really impressive, the fact that this is all naturally made, and we’re just kind of visitors who stumbled upon it, you know? Wow! Wow. As you come, then I’m gonna give you a little wedgie, alright? Yeah, please do it.

Woo! We’re snorkeling right between the North American and European continents.

It’s so crystal clear. Not nearly as cold as I was anticipating or worried about. It’s just peaceful. You know. Unreal. So we’re just leaving Reykjavik now. We’re on the hunt for the Northern Light. But it’s a hunt, that’s all part of the fun. So we gotta be patient and diligent.

Look there, off the top there, to the left. I see it. There you can see the lights. Do you see them? Oh my gosh! It’s like moving ever so slightly, it keeps changing position, changing color. I feel like I’m looking at a screensaver! Man, after like a busy day, my muscles are sore, they’re a little cramped. This is like, ooh! Visiting Iceland in the winter shouldn’t be overlooked, and don’t worry about the cold. There is always an opportunity to warm up.

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