4×4 Dubai Safari


4×4 Dubai Desert Safari Review

You can not come to Dubai and not experience sand, so today we have head out of the city, and we are going on a four by four desert safari through the sand dunes. We are just flying through these dunes.

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Oh, oh my God, oh my God! Woah! Oh my goodness! These drivers really are the best. The time has come for me to do some sand boarding. Woah, my God, how do I turn? Oh yeah! Just hop on? I have never been on a camel before. Woah, boy! Oh, ha ha ha.

4×4 Dubai Desert Safari With Dune Bashing

With all this adrenaline and excitement I can not help but stop for a second and just take this moment in. This is truly beautiful. All right, the sun has set, and now it is time to get the party started here on the camp. it is so neat that you can sit here in the desert with all this happening around you with your friends, drinking coffee, eating dates, and smoking shisha. The belly dancing show has started. Let’s go. I have had such an incredible day, riding through the sand dunes in a four by four, sand boarding, and enjoying all of the traditional food and experiences. You cannot come to Dubai and not experience this.

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