Top Travel Destinations Before 30

Top Travel Destinations Before 30

Likewise, when I cruise disembarked at Livorno, a port city on the western coast of Tuscany, Italy, I did not go and see New Venice or the Central Market there because they were not in my budget.

The 90 kilometre, 76 minute away Florence and the 25 kilometre, 36 minute away Leaning Tower of Pisa were in my budget. Not them Since I might never ever get to visit the real Venice, I must live, though, with the fact that I missed out on seeing a replica there.

But, that is essentially what budget travel is all about. It is about accomplishing priorities. Historic Florence was a priority; and, the historic leaning tower of Pisa another.

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We had not really budgeted for the taxi fare for the day to see both. Which we did. We enjoyed the taxi drive; the spectacular scenery along the way, including the huge sunflower fields; the taxi driver’s personality, his jokes, tales and music; and, the whole experience. It cost us a pretty penny each. If I remember rightly, something like one hundred and twenty euro for each of the four of us for the day.

But, sitting in a restaurant and eating pizza in Florence where they claimed pizza originated; seeing artists painting portraits and scenes on its crowded pavements; looking at the majestic architecture; and, just knowing that you had actually arrived in Florence or Pisa were all priceless.

Research says that pizza originated in Naples in the 1730s; but, different places will have their claims for whatever reason, e.g. deep dish, thin crust, adding olives or mushrooms. In our case, we were so hungry and so happy to be there in Florence that they could have told us anything; and, either, we would have been enthused; or, it would have just gone through one ear and out of the other.

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