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Melbourne – Churchill Island

Churchill Island is right next to Phillip Island and it has a working farm and a homestead from the 1800s. The Churchill Island Heritage Farm gives you a look back into the lives of the early Australian settlers. I think you can get up close and personal with the animals here like the cows, but you can also see a whole bunch of different demonstrations like whip cracking and sheep shearing and the dogs growling the sheeps. If I said something like right. That’s the direction she will head. Sup! And you go like this. Ah! Woo, that’s harder than it looks. This is a must experience when visiting Melbourne.

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Melbourne – Colonial Tramcar Restaurant Tour

Tonight we’re celebrating the nation’s birthday. We’re at a special 4th of July fireworks viewing party here overlooking the Hudson River. Wow, this is so much fun. They’ve got tons of food, tons of beverages, a DJ, ah, this is just the perfect way to celebrate the 4th of July. This is the best place to come and read the fireworks. You’re on the water; you’re on the pier.

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You’re away from everybody else. You’re in your own special zone. We’ve got the Manhattan skyline behind me, and in front, you’ve got the barges where they’re launching the fireworks in just a few minutes. Cheers! Happy 4th of July! Wow. This has been such a magical night. I’m gonna remember this for a long time.

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Melbourne – Great Ocean Road

Just outside of Melbourne is one of the greatest coastlines in the world. The Great Ocean Road. The Great Ocean Road is considered the largest memorial in Australia for those who served in World War I. Oh my! The Twelve Apostles are created by natural erosion: the waves coming up and crashing against these limestone structures. They’re just sticking right out of the water like skyscrapers of sorts. Before the 1800s there was no way to get from the beach up onto the land until they built the Gibson Steps.

Melbourne Map Suburbs

When you walk down here into Loch Ard Gorge it’s so dramatic, you’re surrounded by these steep cliffs, the water is just like, turquoise and blue, and you can’t help but just take your shoes off and feel the sand between your toes. Hello there little guy. Here in the Great Otway National Park you’ll find the rainforest walk, where you’ll be towered over by huge eucalyptus trees and the koalas that live in them. Look at him scratchin’. This is a must experience when visiting Melbourne.

Melbourne – Moonlit Sanctuary Conservation Park

We’ve come to the Moonlit Sanctuary and here we’re going to get to meet some creatures of Australia. Hi there, little guy. Koalas can sleep up to 20 hours a day. And only eats one type of leaf. The eucalyptus. The tasmanian devil. It has the most powerful bite of any mammal. The Moonlit Sanctuary is home to some of the most famous creatures of Australia. And plays an important role in the preservation of some of its endangered species. Hi. Oh, my goodness. You’re a hungry little fella. This is the best day ever. This is a must experience when visiting Melbourne.

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